Google + Me

For weeks I waited impatiently for Google to add a “+” to my account. When I finally got an invite and tried it out, I found myself to be nearly alone.

I like the ideas of circles. Share your party pictures with only the attendees of the party. Say something smart to your co-workers. Share a personal thought with your dear ones. It is a feature I, and surely many with me, have missed using Facebook. The only problem was that my total count of Google+ connections was close to zero, and I had no one to add to my circles.

However, I was not about to quit. After a massive connection search, I increased my number of connections and, more importantly, discovered a hidden value of Google + in its early phase: Friendliness.

If you add someone to your circles, you can nearly expect to be added to theirs. If commenting an update or picture from a celeb, chances are they’ll get back to you.

Best Google+ moment so far:  A Norwegian artist added me to one of her circles.


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