Do some good…

Do some good – without leaving the house!

Fair enough, it is not joining the Peace Corps or anything, but if you’re looking for a simple way to make a small effort Twitter is a good starting place. Three simple ways of supporting charities by using Twitter is:


Show your support by using the “follow” button.There’s a lot of twitter accounts out there supporting good causes, some even reward following with donations: One of them is The Meso Cancer Alliance @CancerAlliance donating $1 for every follower and even lets you have a vote on where the money should go.

Spread the word

Following charities and non-profits are a great way to start getting involved. The next step is joining in on their causes by sharing / retweeting their stories to your own friends and followers. Twitters Following Friday (#FF) is a great way to encourage your followers to follow someone. Another effective approach is tweeting to celebrities, politicians or, in this case, famous authors:

Add a Twibbon

Most people seen (and probably also bought) the yellow Livestrong wristband or the pink breast cancer awareness bands, ribbons and pins.
Twibbons are the next generation, taking the wristband and ribbons online. A lot of charities (and others) have created their own ribbons for you to put on your Twitter profile picture or page. One of the biggest ribbon sites is Twibbon,  here you can create your own ribbons as well.


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