Funny Friday

I don’t Follow or Like a lot of brands present on Twitter and Facebook, my criteria for following / liking is simple: “Don’t sell it – Engage me & make me laugh”, although simple, a lot of brands are failing. I feel that too many brands are focusing too much on selling their products and preaching about their own greatness (and nothing makes me hit the “unfollow” / “unlike” button faster!) I get that brands use social media as their marketing channel, and fair enough sales bring in the paycheck and justify the time and effort spent, but is it really the best (as in most rewarding) way to build and promote the brand?

I love brands that master the art of being both professional and humorous in SoMe context (and elsewhere too for that matter);  Brands that have understood that we do not want to be treated solely as consumers, we want to be engaged and taken serious but at the same time we want to be entertained. Is that too much to ask?

Some brands that I think got it:

Tweets related to the brand business, but with an amusing twist:

Here represented by @Starbucks, @cremebruleecart & @NakedPizza

I’m not even their main target (I think!), but I still follow @oldspice, just ‘cuz their tweets are funny and to the point:

Engage supreme: Like us and I’ll get an tattoo!

Scandinavian Airlines announced that their Head of Social Media would get a SAS tattoo when the airline reached 100 000 Likes on Facebook. The result was, of course, also documented on Facebook:

Okay, tattoos are a bit drastic, but at least it shows that SAS is willing to go far for their customers?

Your turn – What brands do you follow/ like, and why?


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