A 8mm Time Travel

I usually prefer pictures over video – you have more control over the outcome, it’s easier to edit (for me anyways) and the there are a lot of good camera apps to choose from (so good in fact, that these days I hardly ever use my regular camera). But sometimes a video is better suited for capturing a situation and saving a memory. I prefer to use the 8mm video making app to shot my videos, since it gives them a hint of nostalgia and creates a notion of capturing a travel in time. 8mm comes specked with lots of old school filters (such as 1920 , 50s , 60s 70s and film noir) and you can even add the sound of the film wheel or make the picture “jump” on the film roll for an even more authentic style. Once the movie is made, you are two-touches away from posting it on YouTube – a great mix of “old” and new!


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