Let’s get social

Social CRM or SCRM is the new buzz, and since I deal a lot with CRM (customer relationship management) in my job and have a keen interest in social media I find the focus to be quite refreshing and very useful.

Therefore, I try to take in as much as possible about it. Earlier this week I went to a very informative breakfast seminar by Questback. They were very good at breaking the difference between CRM and Social CRM down, and making the shift crystal clear.

The big difference:
CRM is history: Stores all the information about your past interactions and transaction. Social CRM moves ahead: Focusing on real time interactions.

Infogram from SocialHubNotes.com – http://bit.ly/orpzFy

Having the cake and eating it too:
Another important lesson learned from the seminar, is that SCRM and CRM work even better together than apart. Instead of choosing one or the other, combine them and make use of the advantages of both.

Infogram from Questback, see it and the whole presentation here: http://slidesha.re/QuestSCRM

Your turn – Any thoughts on SCRM? Do you see any value in it, or do you prefer the classic CRM approach?


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  1. Hope Mears Østgaard
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 16:12:06

    Hello Marianne,
    I’m so glad you enjoyed our seminar earlier this week. We truly believe that with the fast pace everything is moving at these days, valuable opportunities will pass you by if you wait to analyse the past rather than focusing on the present. Customers expect that you listen to them – right here and right now.

    If you would like to read more about Social CRM and the impact of social media, we have several posts on the topic on our feedback blog, http://www.FriendsOfFeedback.com.

    Best regards,


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