New Twitter, a Facebook-look-a-like?

Is it just me, or is Twitter looking more and more like Facebook? Just got the update (#NewTwitter) version, and the similarities are quite striking. Although I absolutely loved old Twitter, my impression so far is that this might not be a bad thing, some of the features will for sure come in handy and make Twitter an even better social network.

Similar to Facebook’s wall-to-wall  and comments on status updates, New Twitter makes it easier to keep track of the conversation.

A new feature is the interaction stream, that shows all activities involving you; people who mentioned you, retweeted you or started following you.

The new profile page looks quite nice as well. And again, quite similar to the Facebook profile page.

If your Twitter account still has the old look and you want to switch to the new one, check out:, if you have an iPhone app you can also switch by downloading the app updates.

Your turn – What do you think of the changes?


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