Photography 101

When taking pictures there are so many things to think about, settings to learn, technic to master. Earlier I was super conscious about this, always trying to get things “right”. Sadly, it usually resulted in me over-thinking it and giving up as soon as I didn’t manage to get it right.

Clearly this was frustrating, and it almost ruined my passion for photograpy. In order to fix this, I had to change my perception on what taking pictures really was and changing focus my focus.

Now, when I take pictures, I try to focus on the motive and the story I want to tell, and forget the “rules”. My aim is to play around and try different ways of capturing the motive.

I get a lot of inspiration from, a site that features great tutorials, tips and guides. Below I have tried to follow some of their advises on how to take better portraits.

Alter Your Perspective

Play with Eye Contact

Break the Rules of Compositions

Experience with Lighting

Your turn – What do you focus on taking pictures? If anyone has any good guides or tips on how to (easily) improve the techics of photography, I’d love to hear them 🙂


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