My Pinterest Dream World

When I was younger one of the highlights of the month was the day the H&M post order catalog arrived in the mail box. I would get it out and mark every item I wanted with a big “M”, to let my mum know that this was on my wish list. This I could do for hours, and I didn’t really care if I didn’t get all the items I had marked, the activity itself was quite amusing. I don’t remember when this stopped being a favorite activity, but I can see it coming back in a digital form through Pinterest. Nowadays I spend hours looking, liking and pinning shoes, bags, nail polish, the to-die-for dress I never can afford and the accessories that goes with it.

I’ll settle for just one item on this list, mom!

I have even – like so many else – started a wedding board, without any plans of getting married in my near foreseen future! Wedding dresses, cakes (maybe I’ll go for a cupcake wedding cake?), table decoration, flowers, locations and invitations – they all find their way in to my “dream wedding” – board.

Cupcakes, sparkling shoes and the perfect dress -yes, please!

I realize that Pinterest, as the H&M catalog, often is better than the real world. I don’t think I’ll ever afford everything on my wish list or get married in Vera Wang wedding dress with matching Christian Louboutin pumps . But never the less, it is great inspiration and what’s the harm in dreaming a little?

Cute and to-the-point card from

Now I’m off to pick out clothes for my future children and furniture for my dream house – on Pinterest of course! 😉 What do you pin on Pinterest? Are you using Pinterest to plan your (dream) wedding?


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