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I´m a big fan of infographics, I think they look nice (mostly) and present information in a creative and sharable way. Today I´ve tried out a new, free infographic tool: (Thanks to Ztiw0b for tweeting me this link: Eight free tools to make infographics). is still in beta, but yet provides several neat features. And it is very easy to use! I especially like that you could upload your own files and easily move the text and objects around.

Below you can see my first attempt at making an infographic. Since tomorrow is Norwegian Constitution Day / National Day, I decided to make a “17 May 101” Infographic (I guess it´s not a real infographic, as it don´t contain any graphs or stats, but bear with me, it is my first attempt 😉 )

Do you know of any other good tools for making infographics?


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