Pinterest Introduces Secret Boards – And What’s Cool About It?

If you have a Pinterest addiction and are looking for ways to hide it, Pinterest just gave you the perfect option: create secret boards. Yesterday the virtual pin board network announced a new feature: Secret boards, now you have the option to create Pinterest boards for your eyes only.

Why it’s good:
*You can finally hide your “guilty pleasure pinning”, or make a board perfect before making it public and allowing everyone else to see.

*Secret boards are also convenient for pinning christmas gift ideas, making boards with baby clothes, toys and decor before everyone knows you’re expecting, planning someones birthday party or keep the best cupcake recipes you’ve stumbled upon hidden from your sneaky friends 😉

*Most other social networks have privacy settings, so that the users can make their own choice when it comes to what the want to make public and what they want to keep private. By introducing secret boards, Pinterest is one step closer to a giving the users more control of their content.

Why it’s bad:

For now it has some drawbacks: You can’t make existing boards private and you can only switch between hidden and open board once (apparently because someone might have repinned some of your pins while it was public). I’m also missing a feature allowing you to decide who can see your board and who it is hidden from.

What do you think about the secret boards? Will you be using them, and for what?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Adrea
    Nov 09, 2012 @ 16:07:10

    I’m VERY happy about the secret boards – love it!


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