Snapchat Marketing

I’ve written about my love for Snapchat before (you can read it here), and one of the things I’ve been missing is companies adopting Snapchat to their marketing mix. Therefore I’m trilled to see that some brands are picking up on Snapchat and using it as a mean in building a relationship with their audience. One of them is Taco Bell.

When Taco Bell wanted to create buzz around the return of Beefy Crunch Burritos, they announced it first on Snapchat.

Marianne Granum - Snapchat Marketing - Taco Bell

And the response from their fans was huge.

Marianne Granum - Snapchat marketing - Taco Bell

Some reasons why I think this was a hit:

*Taco Bell meet their customers on the customers turf and terms. No ads or billboards – the message straight to your smartphone (after you’ve first sent a snap to Taco Bell).

*They managed to think ‘outside the box’ and attract attention in a new and unconventional way.

*They did it the “Taco Bell way”, Taco Bell does not seem afraid to try new approached (e.g. they are using Vine too) and they have their special way of communicating with their customers and fans – in a fun and casual tone.

More of this, please! 🙂

Do you know of any other companies that are using Snapchat or other apps in a cool and creative way?


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