Instagram: a Quick Guide to Instagram’s New Tagging Feature

Psst – if you’re looking for information about Instagram hashtags, click here.

Instagram recently added a new features: The possibility to tag people in the pictures you upload (earlier you could only tag people in the sense that you @mentioned their user name in the picture text or comments).

To start tagging people in you photos, go to the photo and click on the button in the lower right corner. Once you’ve done this, you get a list of options, the last option on the list is to “tag / add people to your photo”. Touch the photo and start typing Instagram user name or real name of the person(s) in the photo and press “save” when the name comes up.


With the new tagging feature, you (and everyone else) can get a full overview of all the photos you have been tagged in. You can see all photos you are tagged in under the “Photos of you”-tab on your profile page: 20130512-172036.jpg

Instagram is taking a step closer to Facebook with this update, but has also taken some important precautions : No one other than the person that uploaded the picture can tag people in it. And you can turn of auto-approving
and choose to approve manually. In the “Photos of you” tab, press the button in the right top corner and switch from automatically to manually tagging.


What do you think of this new Instagram feature? Useful or not?


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