Oggl – Hipstamatic is taking on Instagram

With Oggl, Hipstamatic is creating a new photo experience available at your hands through your smartphone (iPhone only so far). Oggl is combining Hipstamatics lenses and films with the filters, editing features and social experience that Instagram is known and popular for.

Marianne Granum - Oggl  Photo sharing -

Some important features:

– Focuses on sharing your best photos, and seeing the best photos of others
– Possible to share pictures to other networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
– Comes with lenses for different purposes, such as food or landscape photos,
– and editing-in-app features – a feature Hipstamatic has been missing so far, and by introducing it as a Oggl feature, Hipstamatic is surely offering Instagram some competition.
– Introducing a Membership fee: 9,99$ annually (or 2,99 $ quarterly) for all features from Hipstamatic and new gear every month. This is unusual, but might be a clever move? It’s not a big expense, but maybe it will keep the “spammers” out?

I’m excited to give Oggl a try, I’m a big fan of both Instagram and Hipstamatic and a combination sounds like a perfect match 🙂

Do you think you’ll give Oggl a try?


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