London day 1 – food on my mind

Every time I go to London with my boyfriend (now husband, actually – not used to using that word!) I make him promiss that one day we’ll live here. This time is no exeption – I simply fall head over heels in love with London over and over again. The city it self, the art, the culture, the wibe, the people, the food … I love it all! And yesterday I found three things more to love while exploring Kensington: the Whole Food Court, Hotel Chocolat & Kensington Wine Room.

Kensington Whole Food Court (Tube: High Street Kensington )

I’m a foodie (if that’s a word?), living for good food and love to invite people over for dinner, trying new receipes and exploring new tasty
things. In other words, the food court was exactly my cup of tea! We spent hours there, first grabbing a delicious lunch upstairs (everything from Mexican to Vegan to Italian to Thai and Sushi to choose from), before going food shopping. For a Norwegian it is tough to see a store of this size and with this selection – we
don’t have anything that comes close to this! Draft your own beer,visit the rosé garden, go bananas in the cookie bar, or stay healthy with coconut water and tofu.


Hotel Chocolat (Tube: High street Kensington )
From one food adventure to another – it is time for dessert. Hotel Chocolat is a café, gift shop and small factory (they make the chocolate bars in
the store). We tried the tasting menu with three types of hot chocolate: Dark, Chili and Salty caramell. I got happier and happier by every sip, the best hot chocolates I’ve tastet so far!:)


Kensington Wine Rooms (Tube: Nothing Hill Gate)
This place came highly recommended by friends of us, and it was definitly no disappointment! Enjoy a full dinner
or the bar menu (tasty tapas dishes) and charge your wine card and go sampling the selection of more than 40 wine types. You can learn a lot about wine this way (I discoverd that wine with a taste of honey is not for me, and found a Riesling that was the perfect cheese wine).


(Blogging from my phone – sorry about the typos!) Today we’re of to explore London’s art scene! Let me know if you know of a place we cannot miss!:)


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