5 things do in Brighton

Brighton took me my surprise, honestly I was expecting a somewhat sleepy beach-town (and was ok with that, it was vacation time after all), and what I found has something very different: Brighton has a refreshing mix of so many of the things I like: art galleries on every corner (almost – also by the beach), amazing architecture, beaches, delicious food and lots of street art.

Marianne Granum - Brighton Art Pavillion

Here are some of the essentials for a Brighton visit:

1:Discover the Lanes Go shopping or dining in this very charming area of the city center.

“Pizza no7” and “Food for Friends” are recommended dining spots.

2: Enjoy the art scene
Brighton is known for it’s art scene – the galleries, artists and street art is part of what makes Brighton such an interesting place to be.

3: Look for Banksy
An original Banksy art piece can be found close to the Brighton train station.

4: Have afternoon-tea
A must when visiting England? I think so!

The Brighton Grand hotel & Hotel Du Vin are two of the places you can get this traditional dish. remember to book in advance!

5: Avoid the Brighton Marina!
If you’re looking to do some factory outlet shopping, this is definitely not the place to go! Just a few stores, mostly unknown brands and very few bargains.

For some serious outlet shopping, take the train to Portsmouth (1 – 1,5 hours) and visit the harbour area (right next to the “Portsmouth by Sea” train station), here you’ll find an outlet village with brands like: Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Lacoste and many others.

What did I miss? Do you have any other Brighton-recommendations?


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