Instagram Direct is here!

Facebook has it, Twitter has it, Snapchat practically is it, and now Instagram also introduces a feature allowing its users to send private messages (photos and videos) to one, or a selection, of your Instagram friend: Instagram Direct is here.

You can even send to people that don’t follow you back (Hello @ryan_gosling!)

What does it mean?

For marketers: A way of communicating more directly to your customers and prospects, and adjusting the message to their preferences.

For customer service staff: Solve your customers problem by replying to them with a “show and tell” video of how to fix their issue.

For teens: You went through the same thing with Facebook, and now suddenly your mom is following you on Instagram too! With Instagram Direct you have a way of streaming your content, what is for your best friends only, and what all your followers (mom included) can see.

For the fangirl / fanboy: Send a photo or video message to your favorite star.

How does it work?

First of all, make sure you have the latest update of Instagram installed.

Next, go to the feed (the tab with a house), and you’ll notice a new icon in the right top corner:
Marianne Granum - Instagram Direct - instructions

Touch the icon and you’ll enter Instagram Direct, here it is pretty much business as usual: Take or upload a photo, or record a video, choose your filter and add a your comments. Ones your done with the editing and commenting, press the next button in the right top corner.

Normally this would have uploaded your content to your Instagram stream, but with Instagram Direct there is one more step: Choosing who should receive your message:

Marianne Granum - Instagram Direct - How it works

Select the receivers and you are ready to go!

What do you think of Instagram Direct? Useful or not? And what would you use it for?


Have your say - comments are much appreciated :)

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