Snapshots from Smögen

I spent the weekend in Smögen, a lovely small-town on the Swedish west coast. Here are some of my shots and tips for what to do in Smögen:
Harbour Smögen

Visit the Harbour of Smögen…

Smögen, Sweden

… and admire the colorful boathouses

Smögen harbour

In the summer, you can visit the local whisky brewery and sample Swedish whisky as well.


Go for a hike…

Smogen hiking

… and take in the stunning sea view
Sunday walk in Smögen

Spend a day at sea…

Lobsters Smögen

…learning the secrets of catching lobsters from the local fishermen

Experiences the lobsters up close on a lobster sighseeing

Catching lobster sweden

Check in to the historical Smögen Havsbad Hotel….

Smögen Havsbad
…and enjoy a tasty dinner at the historic Smögen Havsbad Hotel,they serve excellent seafood and delicious desserts.

Miss this place already! ❤


Instagram downtime – What to do?

Instagram downtime - My catAs many of you propably noticed, Instagram had some problems earlier today. Many users (me included) could not post content or view the latest content posted by others.  It´s in  times like  this, I realize how addicted I really am to Instagram!

Here´s how I (tried to) go by without Instagram:

1 .Closing the app (- no effect)

2. Signing out of the app (- still no effect)

3. Turning off my phone (- nothing)

4. Deleting and re-installing the app (- still nothing – at this point I`m getting really upset – after all I do have photos of my cat, my food and skyporn to post!)

5. Check Twitter to see if I’m the only one to have problems (- Discover the #InstagramIsDown hashtag, and somehow feeling a little better)

6. Googling for answers (- not found)

7. Complaining on Twitter (- like everyone else)

8. Ending up uploading a photo of my cat and me to Twitter (- hashtagged #Selfie – which surely cost me some Twitter followers)

9. Hanging around at EyeEm (- for like 5 minutes…)

10. Instagram working again (- YAY – posting photo of my cat)


How did you survive the Instagram downtime? 🙂


Instagram flette #tematøytirsdag

Flette er en favoritt, både på #TemaTøyTirsdag og ellers

Jeg og min kollega Marthe har ganske lik klesstil, og kommer titt og ofte opp på jobb i samme topp, jakke eller med samme hår-frisyre: Om jeg f.eks. får det for meg at jeg skulle flette håret en dag, kan du banne på at Marthe har tenkt samme tanken, og vi begge møter opp med identiske fletter i håret! 😀

På jobb blir det spekulert i om det er planlagt, og vi får ofte spørsmål om vi har avtalt antrekk på forhånd, der vi står med tilnærmet lik hvit blondetopp, jakke med paljetter, mørke jeans og ankelstøvletter. I begynnelsen var det faktisk helt tilfeldig, men i det siste har vi begynte å leke oss, med noe vi kaller tirsdags-utfordringene, (eller #TemaTøyTirsdag som vi fant ut at Instagram hashtaggen måtte bli 😉 ).

"Blazer-tirsdag" ble selvsagt dokumentert med en selfie! ;-)

“Blazer-tirsdag” ble selvsagt dokumentert med en selfie! 😉

Konseptet er enkelt – hver tirsdag velger vi et tema, i form av en stil eller et plagg, som vi så begge møter opp i. Det kan være så enkelt som “blazer-tirsdag”, “fargerik bukse-tirsdag”, eller den litt mer dristigere “styggfin kjole-tirsdag“.

De fleste kjenner vel til følelsen av å stå foran et klesskap som bugner over av kjoler, jakker, topper og jeans i alle farger, fasonger og stiler, og fortsatt ikke finne noe å ha på seg? Det blir ofte til at man tar på seg de samme antrekkene igjen, og igjen, og igjen. Mens den freshe jakke man bare “måtte” ha, blir hengende.

Uvanlige komboer kan også utgjøre en #TemaTøyTirsdag utfordring

Uvanlige komboer kan også utgjøre en #TemaTøyTirsdag utfordring

#TemaTøyTirsdag handler om å utfordre seg selv litt, tørre å ta på den styggfine kjolen ut på vift, pynte seg litt ekstra en vanlig tirsdag, eller bruke anledningen til å eksperimentere med color-blocking for første gang. Tryggheten ligger i at flere møter opp i samme stil (selv om vi har hatt noen nestenkriser – som følge av blant annet ødelagt glidelås og barnebleier på avveie! 😉 )

I morgen feirer vi vårens ankomst -tema for ukens #TemaTøyTirsdag er shorts! Har du lyst til å bli med, er det bare slenge ut bilde på Instagram og altså bruke hashtaggen #TemaTøyTirsdag!

London day 1 – food on my mind

Every time I go to London with my boyfriend (now husband, actually – not used to using that word!) I make him promiss that one day we’ll live here. This time is no exeption – I simply fall head over heels in love with London over and over again. The city it self, the art, the culture, the wibe, the people, the food … I love it all! And yesterday I found three things more to love while exploring Kensington: the Whole Food Court, Hotel Chocolat & Kensington Wine Room.

Kensington Whole Food Court (Tube: High Street Kensington )

I’m a foodie (if that’s a word?), living for good food and love to invite people over for dinner, trying new receipes and exploring new tasty
things. In other words, the food court was exactly my cup of tea! We spent hours there, first grabbing a delicious lunch upstairs (everything from Mexican to Vegan to Italian to Thai and Sushi to choose from), before going food shopping. For a Norwegian it is tough to see a store of this size and with this selection – we
don’t have anything that comes close to this! Draft your own beer,visit the rosé garden, go bananas in the cookie bar, or stay healthy with coconut water and tofu.


Hotel Chocolat (Tube: High street Kensington )
From one food adventure to another – it is time for dessert. Hotel Chocolat is a café, gift shop and small factory (they make the chocolate bars in
the store). We tried the tasting menu with three types of hot chocolate: Dark, Chili and Salty caramell. I got happier and happier by every sip, the best hot chocolates I’ve tastet so far!:)


Kensington Wine Rooms (Tube: Nothing Hill Gate)
This place came highly recommended by friends of us, and it was definitly no disappointment! Enjoy a full dinner
or the bar menu (tasty tapas dishes) and charge your wine card and go sampling the selection of more than 40 wine types. You can learn a lot about wine this way (I discoverd that wine with a taste of honey is not for me, and found a Riesling that was the perfect cheese wine).


(Blogging from my phone – sorry about the typos!) Today we’re of to explore London’s art scene! Let me know if you know of a place we cannot miss!:)

Welcome 2013

Happy New Year, guys!

Ah, facing a new year, filled with new possibilities. I love the thought of starting fresh, turning a page and looking at a brand new one.

My new year’s resolution this year is easy:

* Indulge in the things I LOVE: Spend more time with the people I care about (and show them that they matter to me), work hard on the goals I set for work, share my passions and experience ( blog more, share more pictures, tweet and pin away!).

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Pictures from my Pinterest board: Words to Live by.

What’s your new year’s resolution(s)?


Dear Oslo,

Some call you cold, dirty, dangerous and impersonal. But to me you are beautiful!

Here are some reasons why:

Pics by me, taken in Oslo the last couple of weeks.

My Gallery Is Open!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about signing up for Instacanvas and getting my own gallery, and yesterday I got the message I’ve been waiting for: My gallery was finally ready, and all I had to do was to decide what pictures I wanted to showcase (there’s no limit) and “cut the ribbon”!

The galleries with most weekly hits / traffic, are featured on the main page, so if you want to help me out my gallery, you can find it here:

You can request your own gallery at:

Does any of you have an Instacanvas gallery already? What are your thoughts on and experiences with it?

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter / God påske!:)


Collage made using PicCollage

Easter to me is … Reading, sleeping in, solving crosswords and puzzles, hiking, breading in fresh mountain air, eating marzipan eggs, spending time with friends and family.


How did you spend your Easter holiday?

My Pinterest Dream World

When I was younger one of the highlights of the month was the day the H&M post order catalog arrived in the mail box. I would get it out and mark every item I wanted with a big “M”, to let my mum know that this was on my wish list. This I could do for hours, and I didn’t really care if I didn’t get all the items I had marked, the activity itself was quite amusing. I don’t remember when this stopped being a favorite activity, but I can see it coming back in a digital form through Pinterest. Nowadays I spend hours looking, liking and pinning shoes, bags, nail polish, the to-die-for dress I never can afford and the accessories that goes with it.

I’ll settle for just one item on this list, mom!

I have even – like so many else – started a wedding board, without any plans of getting married in my near foreseen future! Wedding dresses, cakes (maybe I’ll go for a cupcake wedding cake?), table decoration, flowers, locations and invitations – they all find their way in to my “dream wedding” – board.

Cupcakes, sparkling shoes and the perfect dress -yes, please!

I realize that Pinterest, as the H&M catalog, often is better than the real world. I don’t think I’ll ever afford everything on my wish list or get married in Vera Wang wedding dress with matching Christian Louboutin pumps . But never the less, it is great inspiration and what’s the harm in dreaming a little?

Cute and to-the-point card from

Now I’m off to pick out clothes for my future children and furniture for my dream house – on Pinterest of course! 😉 What do you pin on Pinterest? Are you using Pinterest to plan your (dream) wedding?

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