Snapchat Marketing – A 3 Steps Guide

Today’s marketing is about reaching your audience on their terms and where they are. Considering this, Snapchat might be an excellent marketing channel for some brands (check out my previous posts – Snapchat Marketing and Snapchat – The Next Big Thing? )

Snapchat is fast growing, but the marketers are not giving it the attention it deserves: In Norway, 50 % of all smartphone owners use Snapchat, while the number of marketers using SnapChat (world-wide) is 1 %!

(more stats follows below)

Screenshot from

Inspo: The Norwegian edtion of “Paradise Hotel” uses Snapchat to give back to their most dedicated fans. Screenshot from

Here is a quick 3 steps guide to marketing with Snapchat:

1: Get started – Research and strategy

First, do the necessary research – who is your target audience? And is it likely that they are using Snapchat?

Some useful stats:
– US: More than 26 million users
– Norway: 50 % of all smartphone users use Snapchat
– 70 % of users are female
– 400 million snaps are sent every day
– Percentage of Marketers that use Snapchat: 1 %

More stats are available here: By the Numbers: 23 Amazing Snapchat

If the stats match your target audience, then you can start crafting your Snapchat marketing strategy.

Consider things such as:
– What are your main target(s) and goal(s)?
– What content will you be sending out?
– What do you hope to get out of it?
– How will you use the responses you get?
– How much time do you plan to spend on this activity?

2: Get the word out
Align the snapchat activities with your other activities. Mention your Snapchat username on your blog or Facebook page, encourage your fans to add and connect with you using Snapchat.

Remember to adapt a voice / language suitable for the media and the target audience in your snaps.

3: What is in it for them?
Make sure to mention if / how you’ll use the Snapchat messages you receive. Is there any reward or benefit for sending you Snaps? Will they receive a discount coupon back (on Snapchat of course, get access to exclusive content or sneak peeks first, or will their pictures be featured on your blog or Facebook page?

Don’t underestimate the effect of showcasing the contributions you’ll receive. Most people like getting recognition by brands they like.

Music Angel Snapchat Facebook

Inspo: Music Angel (mobile speakers), take screenshot of some of the snaps they receive and feature them on Facebook. Screenshot from Music Angel Friendz Facebook page

For more inspiration, check out: 5 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Snapchat

What would make you interact with brands on Snapchat?


Blogging: How to create good content faster

Blogging takes time, and given that both the readers and the search engines favor blogs with frequent updates, blogging more effectively certainly has its advantage. Here are my advises on how to create more content for your blog without using more time blogging:

– Write what you know
Reasearch takes time, sometimes it’s better to write about a topic you know a lot about instead of spending hours researching it. For instants, I’ve made some travel posts, but instead of looking into everything you can do in Milan or in the South of France, I’ve written about what I did there, my recommendations and my take on it.

– Do series
If you decide to research a topic, make a series of blog posts. This way you get more value from the time spent researching, and if you do it right, you can also become a significant voice on that topic.

– Use pictures, videos, illustrations and infographic
For bloggers, there is definitely some truth in the saying “a picture says more than a thousand words”. Sometimes you can create a whole blog post by just adding a infographic, or sharing your favorite Instagram photos or YouTube videos of the week.

– Make use of the time you on Pinterest
At times I spend hours on Pinterest, sometimes just looking at one pretty pin after an other, other times I’m looking for pins on in a special theme / topic. Sometimes this makes the foundation for a blog post, I’ve written about my vacation plans and Pinterest several times. Maybe you write a food blog, and spend time pinning good looking dishes and tasty recepeis, or write about traveling and find inspiration for your next journey on Pinterest?

– Make time of the time you spend online.
Same logic as above. Maybe you write a blog about gadgets and technology, and spend a lot of time reading about the subject online? Make a blog post about the general notion you pick up, the trends you see coming, the news that catch your eye.

– It is ok to press the reblog-button.
As a blogger, you should spend time creating your own content and finding your own voice. But there is nothing wrong in sharing posts written by others from time to time. See a blog post you like, that is spot on for the topics you blog about? If you don’t have any alternations or additional information to bring to the topic, press reblog. You give the blogger credit and your readers good content without the effort of writing your own post.

– Copy with pride
Get inspiration from others, what is your favorite bloggers doing and how can you adopt this? Don’t copy the content, but the style. If someone blogs about their top 10 Pinterest or Etsy findings, you can make a post about yours. I found the inspiration for this post, after reading 19 ideas for spending less time blogging .

What is your best blogging advice, where do you get your inspiration and what do you mostly blog about?

London Calling!

My plans for the summer are coming together, and last night I booked flight tickets for London. I’m super excited since London is one of my favorite cities and because I have not been there for a couple of years.

I’ve already strated to look for things to do and see, places to stay and go, and good spots for a bite or a drink. Like everytime I’m looking for travel inspiration, I start at Pinterest, my fresh, new London board is created and some pins are added already – have a look here.

Marianne Granum - Pinterest travel inspration London

One thing I like about going back to London, is that I’ve already done a lot of the “must-do” things for tourist, and feel free to spend my time going back to my favorite places and finding new ones. However, I still have some must-visit places left to go, and my to-do list is soming together:

On my to-do list:

– Tate Modern – It’s been on my bucket list every time I’ve been to London, but for various reasons I’ve not yet gotten around to paying it a visit – About time!

– London eye – Same reason as tate really, so this time I’m going for sure!

– Walk around with no map or purpose – My favorite activity on vacation, perfect for exploring new hidden gems, and very relaxing.

– Shopping- Come on, it’s London, I practically have to go shopping!

– Day trips – Brighton, Oxford and Southhampton are places close to London that I also think is worth a visit.

If you’re looking for ways to use social networks in your vacation planning, have a look at this blog post.

Do you have any suggestions for where to go, what to see, and what I should absolutly NOT miss in, or close to, London?

Snapchat Marketing

I’ve written about my love for Snapchat before (you can read it here), and one of the things I’ve been missing is companies adopting Snapchat to their marketing mix. Therefore I’m trilled to see that some brands are picking up on Snapchat and using it as a mean in building a relationship with their audience. One of them is Taco Bell.

When Taco Bell wanted to create buzz around the return of Beefy Crunch Burritos, they announced it first on Snapchat.

Marianne Granum - Snapchat Marketing - Taco Bell

And the response from their fans was huge.

Marianne Granum - Snapchat marketing - Taco Bell

Some reasons why I think this was a hit:

*Taco Bell meet their customers on the customers turf and terms. No ads or billboards – the message straight to your smartphone (after you’ve first sent a snap to Taco Bell).

*They managed to think ‘outside the box’ and attract attention in a new and unconventional way.

*They did it the “Taco Bell way”, Taco Bell does not seem afraid to try new approached (e.g. they are using Vine too) and they have their special way of communicating with their customers and fans – in a fun and casual tone.

More of this, please! 🙂

Do you know of any other companies that are using Snapchat or other apps in a cool and creative way?

Creative Ad Ideas

Like it or not, ads are everywhere. And so many of them are so simple, just stating the obvious sales pitch and not challenging the viewer in any way. Creating ads and running a lot of marketing campaigns myself, I know how hard it can be to come up with a unique idea. Therefore, I “collect” ads that surprise me, inspire me or in some other way leave an impression.

I’ve already shared a few on this blog, like the Expedia ads I just discovered: New Advertising Campaign Makes Clever Use of Airport Tags and the adorable, clever and funny “Can You Impress the Penguin?” ad from Penguin Press.

Another creative ad I really liked, is from the Norwegian high-end fashion store Høyer:
Marianne Granum - Creative Ad from Høyer
(Photo from Instagram: @MarianneNHs photo).

Høyer celebrated a new store opening by handing out “parking tickets”, unlike real parking tickets, getting this ticket resulted in a positive surprise: a free sweeter!

What kind of ads do you like? Please share your ” best finds”! 🙂