The State of Enterprise Social Marketing

Enterprise Social Marketing Stats
Spreadfast and Forrester recently launched The 2014 State of Enterprise Social Marketing Report, researching how some of the world’s largest company organize, plan and execute social marketing effort. Here are some take-aways from the report:

Social Media – A Growing Priority
69 % are increasing staffing for social marketing in 2014, and 68 % are increasing their social marketing budget compared to 2013.

69,4 % believe their organization prioritizes social basted on how effort are organized and executed.

Measuring What Matters
Nearly 3 out of 4 measure the business value of social marketing, reach and resonance being the top two measuring areas. However, the measuring areas are not static, most ( 73 % ) also state that they are constantly evolving and defining best practices.

Social Means Building Awareness
“Building Brand Awareness” is the most frequent main business goal (39 % of recipients). Somewhat surprising, only 3 % answered “Provide customer services”.

Social – An Integrated Part of Marketing
Two out of three (66,9%) are integrating social with broader marketing efforts.

Nearly a third allotted between 3 % and 5 % of total marketing budget to social marketing.


Say Hello to Ello

Ello MarianneMixi
Ello is the New Kid on the Social Media Block, and it is quite the mix of new and old. I get the same feeling as when I signed up for Twitter and Facebook back in the days, the feeling of not quite knowing what it is, or how to “behave”.

What is Ello today?

Currently in Beta, invite-only (every user gets 25 invites – give me a shout if you want one!). Ello mixes features from many of the popular and well established social networks, you can @mention others, divide the people you follow between “Friends” and “Noise”, post all sorts of content, be anonymous if you like. And the key differentiation – the promise of being (and staying) completely ad free.

What can Ello be?

We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce, and manipulate — but a place to connect, create, and celebrate life. (Part of the Ello Manifesto)

According to this Ello post, many new features are in the loop. Such as: Private messages, a Love(!) button, the option to add videos, a repost-feature and so on. A paid version with more features is also likely.

Can it be the new Facebook? Will it be a real competition?

Some complain about Ello being over-hyped, not offering anything new, that it is certainly not Facebook nor can it compete. What they seem to forget is that Facebook has not always been like it is today, like every other social network it has evolved and changed over time (and still does).

Surely, Ello needs to differentiate itself more from other networks, gain a solid user base, come up with (or communicate) a plan for how the network can get by while staying ad-free and without selling user data (and make a mobile app, please!). But Ello is still in Beta, and while the features today are somewhat limited, I like the concept and Ello’s vision, and am excited to see what happens in the months to come.

What do you think? 


Are you on Ello?  Say hi here:

Want to know more about Ello? Check out Ten Things to Know About Ello

Snapchat Marketing – A 3 Steps Guide

Today’s marketing is about reaching your audience on their terms and where they are. Considering this, Snapchat might be an excellent marketing channel for some brands (check out my previous posts – Snapchat Marketing and Snapchat – The Next Big Thing? )

Snapchat is fast growing, but the marketers are not giving it the attention it deserves: In Norway, 50 % of all smartphone owners use Snapchat, while the number of marketers using SnapChat (world-wide) is 1 %!

(more stats follows below)

Screenshot from

Inspo: The Norwegian edtion of “Paradise Hotel” uses Snapchat to give back to their most dedicated fans. Screenshot from

Here is a quick 3 steps guide to marketing with Snapchat:

1: Get started – Research and strategy

First, do the necessary research – who is your target audience? And is it likely that they are using Snapchat?

Some useful stats:
– US: More than 26 million users
– Norway: 50 % of all smartphone users use Snapchat
– 70 % of users are female
– 400 million snaps are sent every day
– Percentage of Marketers that use Snapchat: 1 %

More stats are available here: By the Numbers: 23 Amazing Snapchat

If the stats match your target audience, then you can start crafting your Snapchat marketing strategy.

Consider things such as:
– What are your main target(s) and goal(s)?
– What content will you be sending out?
– What do you hope to get out of it?
– How will you use the responses you get?
– How much time do you plan to spend on this activity?

2: Get the word out
Align the snapchat activities with your other activities. Mention your Snapchat username on your blog or Facebook page, encourage your fans to add and connect with you using Snapchat.

Remember to adapt a voice / language suitable for the media and the target audience in your snaps.

3: What is in it for them?
Make sure to mention if / how you’ll use the Snapchat messages you receive. Is there any reward or benefit for sending you Snaps? Will they receive a discount coupon back (on Snapchat of course, get access to exclusive content or sneak peeks first, or will their pictures be featured on your blog or Facebook page?

Don’t underestimate the effect of showcasing the contributions you’ll receive. Most people like getting recognition by brands they like.

Music Angel Snapchat Facebook

Inspo: Music Angel (mobile speakers), take screenshot of some of the snaps they receive and feature them on Facebook. Screenshot from Music Angel Friendz Facebook page

For more inspiration, check out: 5 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Snapchat

What would make you interact with brands on Snapchat?

Summer and Social Media

Summer is here (yay!) and for most of us, this means vacation time too (double yay!). Before going away, I spend a lot of time researching what to do, see, eat, buy at my upcoming destination, the last couple of years my favorite source of information is social networks and my connections there.

One of my favorite weekends away, was when I was going to Copenhagen, Denmark last fall, and asked my Instagram and Twitter feed what to do there.

I got so many great suggestions – dining places, must-sees, book cafe’s, best coffee, best view, (@XCEriksson even sent me his personal map with all his favorites), and could almost have spent the whole time there doing things suggested to me!

Check out my Snapshots from Copenhagen

Another go-to source is Pinterest. I love love love to look up my destination (or the dream destinations) and pin away.

Check out my previous post: Pinterest Travel Inspiration

Social Shaming
Another thing social networks is good for, is social shaming, and vacation time is no exception. Have you ever been frustrated by your fellow travelers carry-on luggage? Well, then the hashtag #CarryOnShame is for you!

Digital Detox
Instead of posting #InstaGo photos, checking in to Foursquare and sending Snap’s of everything happening during the summer, vacation can also means time to unplug and log-off for some. Maybe it’s time for a digital detox?

It sure is!⭐️ Nok en nydelig dag i Oslo! 😎 #StakkarsOss #Oslove

A post shared by Marianne Granum (@mariannemixi) on

I’m goin’ to Miami
As for my summer vacation this year, I’m going to MIAMI ( tipple yay!) followed by a cruise in the Caribbean sea. While the cruise days almost plan them self (Hello sundeck), I’m super-grateful for any recommendations for things to do / see / visit / eat / but in the Miami area! 🙂

Where do you get your vacation inspirations?

Instagram downtime – What to do?

Instagram downtime - My catAs many of you propably noticed, Instagram had some problems earlier today. Many users (me included) could not post content or view the latest content posted by others.  It´s in  times like  this, I realize how addicted I really am to Instagram!

Here´s how I (tried to) go by without Instagram:

1 .Closing the app (- no effect)

2. Signing out of the app (- still no effect)

3. Turning off my phone (- nothing)

4. Deleting and re-installing the app (- still nothing – at this point I`m getting really upset – after all I do have photos of my cat, my food and skyporn to post!)

5. Check Twitter to see if I’m the only one to have problems (- Discover the #InstagramIsDown hashtag, and somehow feeling a little better)

6. Googling for answers (- not found)

7. Complaining on Twitter (- like everyone else)

8. Ending up uploading a photo of my cat and me to Twitter (- hashtagged #Selfie – which surely cost me some Twitter followers)

9. Hanging around at EyeEm (- for like 5 minutes…)

10. Instagram working again (- YAY – posting photo of my cat)


How did you survive the Instagram downtime? 🙂

Instagram Give Away: BIEK!

Photo: Dina Patey

Photo: Dina Patey

(English text below)

Jeg har vært så heldig å få muligheten til å arrangere en give awayInstagram i samarbeid med BIEK.

Jeg falt for BIEK-produktene jeg nå deler ut i det øyeblikket jeg fikk se de – både produktene og innpakningene oser luksus og kvalitet! Og BIEK har en ganske spesiell historie, som gjør produktene ennå mer aktuelle i år:

“For 200 år siden ble den norske grunnloven skrevet og Norge erklærte seg uavhengig fra Danmark. Originaldokumentet, selve Grunnloven, var et spesielt falset papir med BIEK vannmerke, 380 millimeter ganger 315 millimeter. 

I 2012 gjenoppstod BIEK® i Norge, denne gang som et selskap som designer og produserer høykvalitetsnotatbøker samt annet tilbehør for jobb, reise og læring.”  (Les resten av BIEK-historien her)

Hva kan du vinne?  

Office Notebook, black

iPad Sleve, black

iPhone Sleve, red

A4 Document Folder, red

Passport Sleve, red

BIEK-produktene kan også kjøpes på Nasjonalmuseet, i Operabutikken, hos Illum og på, om du ikke skulle være så heldig å vinne de da 😉

Hvordan kan du vinne?

Legg ut et (eller flere – du kan vinne flere ganger!:-) ) bilder som symboliserer frihet for deg. Det kan være alt mulig – en kaffekopp før alle andre har våknet, en joggetur i marka, en levert eksamensoppgave – Her er det bare å la fantasien og kreativiteten løpe fritt!

Legg til hashtaggen #MixiGiveAway og nevn meg (@mariannemixi), skriv gjerne også hva du aller mest ønsker å vinne! Vinnerne trekkes om to uker – mandag 24.mars.


The document folder is amazing - it even matches my necklace ;-)

The document folder is amazing – it even matches my necklace 😉

Information in English

I´m hosting an Instagram Give Away with BIEK – a Norwegian quality brand designing and producing luxurious notebooks, work and travel equipments.

What can you win?
One of the following items can be yours! 🙂
Office Notebook, black , iPad Sleve, black ,iPhone Sleve, red, A4 Document Folder, red, Passport Sleve, red

How can you win?

Take a photo of something that symbolizes freedom to you – it can be anything – Enjoying the first cup of coffee in the morning before anyone else is up, finishing a workout or turning in a big assignment. So get creative! 🙂 Upload your photo(s) to Instagram, add the hashtag #MixiGiveAway and mention me (@mariannemixi).

You can enter as many times as you like, the give-away ends in two weeks: Monday March 24.


Wedding Planning in a Digital Era

Marianne Granum - digital wedding planning - Wedding hashtagI got married last summer, and during the wedding planning I leaned heavily on digital resources and social networks.
My two top resources was Instagram and Pinterest, here’s what I did:

Official Wedding Hashtagg

Hashtags are our times monogram, right? At least that was my mantra when coming up with a hashtag for our wedding!

Before, during and after the wedding we encouraged our guests to share snapshots and tag them #SplussM. The wedding photographer can’t be everywhere, and this way we got so many precious, hilarious and cute memories 🙂 We even had a couple of “digital wedding crashers“! 😉

Marianne Granum - Instagram live feed at weddingTo encourage sharings, we had an Instagram live feed at the wedding, and a list of ideas for what they could take photos of (Like “your food”, “the bride and groom kissing”, “your favorite treat on the dessert table”, “your outfit”, “someone taking a photo”, “the next couple to get married” and so on).

The hashtag was also mentioned in all communication with the guests, and incorporated in our wedding decorations.

Pinteresting wedding ideas
Pinterest is an almost unlimited source of wedding inspiration! I even had a wedding board there long before even being engaged, just because of all the beautiful dresses, table decorations, flowers, cakes and venues I came a cross.

Marianne Granum - Wedding survival kitBefore my wedding I created a joint pinning boards with my bridesmaids, so that we could share the great ideas we stumbled across.

Pinterest was also helpful when I was looking for gifts for bridesmaids and groom, I came a cross the idea of “Survival kits” for the big day, and I decided to make them my self and fill them with useful and cute stuff for the day. The girls got sparkling wine, matching ear rings, hair spray, nail polish and such. While the groom got a pair of socks (in case of cold feet ;)), playing cards, alarm clock and champagne.

Other social resources can be a Facebook group for all the guests or a wedding blog following the preparations up to the big day and sharing the memories from it afterwards. Do you have other digital wedding planning ideas? I’d love to hear them! 🙂

Instagram Direct is here!

Facebook has it, Twitter has it, Snapchat practically is it, and now Instagram also introduces a feature allowing its users to send private messages (photos and videos) to one, or a selection, of your Instagram friend: Instagram Direct is here.

You can even send to people that don’t follow you back (Hello @ryan_gosling!)

What does it mean?

For marketers: A way of communicating more directly to your customers and prospects, and adjusting the message to their preferences.

For customer service staff: Solve your customers problem by replying to them with a “show and tell” video of how to fix their issue.

For teens: You went through the same thing with Facebook, and now suddenly your mom is following you on Instagram too! With Instagram Direct you have a way of streaming your content, what is for your best friends only, and what all your followers (mom included) can see.

For the fangirl / fanboy: Send a photo or video message to your favorite star.

How does it work?

First of all, make sure you have the latest update of Instagram installed.

Next, go to the feed (the tab with a house), and you’ll notice a new icon in the right top corner:
Marianne Granum - Instagram Direct - instructions

Touch the icon and you’ll enter Instagram Direct, here it is pretty much business as usual: Take or upload a photo, or record a video, choose your filter and add a your comments. Ones your done with the editing and commenting, press the next button in the right top corner.

Normally this would have uploaded your content to your Instagram stream, but with Instagram Direct there is one more step: Choosing who should receive your message:

Marianne Granum - Instagram Direct - How it works

Select the receivers and you are ready to go!

What do you think of Instagram Direct? Useful or not? And what would you use it for?

Tagboard – All Hashtags at One Place

These days, hashtags are everywhere in the social network sphere: We add tags to our posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Google+ and so on.
It has been hard to keep track and following a hashtag from one network to another-but not anymore! Tagboard is a new service that allows you to do hashtag searches across all hashtag-friendly networks.

Tagboard is very handy for both personal and professional use, use-cases include:
– At an event, or while watching a live event at TV and following the debate online
– For businesses tracking their brand across networks, discovering what network(s) their most engaged and loyal fans use, and what they are saying about you.

Marianne Granum - Tagboard - Tracking Hashtags across social networks

Instagram: The Hashtag Effect

I just stumbled upon this article, 8 Data-Based Tips for Optimizing Your Content on Pinterest and Instagram on and thought I’d share a few interesting findings.

The effect of hashtags
That the use of hashtags on Instagram generates likes and followers is no big secret, but this graph indicates that hashtags has a huge positive effect on the number of likes and followers:

Marianne Granum - Effect of Hashtags on Instagram likes - Cheetaha Analytics

Graph from

Popular hashtags

What tags you use is almost just as important, not all hashtags are as effective, here is a list of popular hashtags:

Marianne Granum - Most Liked Instagram Hashtags -

Graph from

Not surprisinlgy, the most popular hashtags touch upon Instagrams social dimention, interaction and getting something in return. Any hashtags you find surprising on the list?

Before you start adding hashtags, be sure to avoid these hashtag mistakes.

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