My Wordle 2011 Infographic

Letting Wordle summarize 2011, creating a fancy infographic (or word cloud as they call it) of the words frequently featured in this blog last year:

Create your own at:


Twitter: Year in Review

This year’s Twitter review is out, gives us a comprehensive recap of the big Twitter happenings in 2011.


One of the features is a full overview of trending hashtags and hot topics. Judging from the trends in television shows, I don’t watch the right shows, as none of my favorites are one the list.


Note to self, start tweeting about and engaging in talks about TV, or start watching pretty little liars!
Other interesting features in the review is tweets per second. This gives an interesting recap of what people care about (or at least what they care to tweet about).


The review also contains a time line of 2011 and important happenings throughout the year, based on the tweets it generated. There is also a monthly overview of what celebrities signed up in 2011, and more to come, new features will be added the throughout December – so stay tuned!

Your turn – what have you been tweeting about in 2011?