Dear Oslo,

Some call you cold, dirty, dangerous and impersonal. But to me you are beautiful!

Here are some reasons why:

Pics by me, taken in Oslo the last couple of weeks.


[Storify] My Adventures This Weekend – Pictures from my weekend spent at galleries and museums of Oslo.

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    Klar for kunstomvisning i Kvadraturen! 7 gallerier står for tur! (@ RAM Galleri) 4sq.com/HZTDqD
  3. Art in Kvadraturen – a guided tour to 7 art galleries located in the Kvadraturen (Area in Oslo, located close to the Oslo Harbour and Akershus Fortress).  
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  5. Amazing shoes, dresses and furniture made by Ingunn Birkeland
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  7. I love Jan Henning Larsen’s pictures – They are telling a story, opens for several interpretations, are full of small details ( the more you look at them, the more you see) and it seems like the artist had fun making them!  
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    Turist i egen by! Flott tilbud man må benytte seg av!:) (@ Frammuseet) 4sq.com/JiFP66
  10. This Sunday, VisitOslo and the City of Oslo arranged their annual “Tourist in your own City”, giving out free a VisitOslo pass for everyone. With this pass you can visit most museums, exhibitions and gallerys free of charge. 
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  12. We started out at the Island Bygdøy, an Island with several museums. Our first stop was at The Fram Museum, a museum about the world’s most famous polarship: The Fram. The actuall ship is located within the museum and you can even go on-board on the ship!
  13. Our next stop was the Kon-Tiki museum, telling the story of the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl and his travel’s on reed boats.
  14. Our third and last stop at Bygdøy was the The Viking Ship Museum, the home of The Oseberg Ship ( picture below), The Gokstad Ship and several other items from the Viking age.
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  16. Our last stop of the day, was the Nobel Peace Center (located @ the Oslo Harbour). They currently have several photo exhibitions about life in Afghanistan. Breathtaking pictures, pictures that make you think, cry and smile. A visit is highly recommended!   
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