Summer and Social Media

Summer is here (yay!) and for most of us, this means vacation time too (double yay!). Before going away, I spend a lot of time researching what to do, see, eat, buy at my upcoming destination, the last couple of years my favorite source of information is social networks and my connections there.

One of my favorite weekends away, was when I was going to Copenhagen, Denmark last fall, and asked my Instagram and Twitter feed what to do there.

I got so many great suggestions – dining places, must-sees, book cafe’s, best coffee, best view, (@XCEriksson even sent me his personal map with all his favorites), and could almost have spent the whole time there doing things suggested to me!

Check out my Snapshots from Copenhagen

Another go-to source is Pinterest. I love love love to look up my destination (or the dream destinations) and pin away.

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Social Shaming
Another thing social networks is good for, is social shaming, and vacation time is no exception. Have you ever been frustrated by your fellow travelers carry-on luggage? Well, then the hashtag #CarryOnShame is for you!

Digital Detox
Instead of posting #InstaGo photos, checking in to Foursquare and sending Snap’s of everything happening during the summer, vacation can also means time to unplug and log-off for some. Maybe it’s time for a digital detox?

It sure is!⭐️ Nok en nydelig dag i Oslo! 😎 #StakkarsOss #Oslove

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I’m goin’ to Miami
As for my summer vacation this year, I’m going to MIAMI ( tipple yay!) followed by a cruise in the Caribbean sea. While the cruise days almost plan them self (Hello sundeck), I’m super-grateful for any recommendations for things to do / see / visit / eat / but in the Miami area! 🙂

Where do you get your vacation inspirations?


Snapshots from Copenhagen

Copenhagen View - Marianne Granum BlogThis weekend I went to Copenhagen, Denmark, to  wine, dine, see the sights and kick back.

Here are some shots from my trip, among with some of my favorites.

Copenhagen is a very picturesque city, the architecture, the canals, the many churches, the mix of new and old, modern and traditional. To the left you see the view from my hotel room, overlooking Søerne, the inner-city lakes of the city.
The Marble Church in Copenhagen- Frederiks Kirke - Marmorkirken - Marianne Granum BlogI must have a thing for churches, at least I found my camera roll filled up with pictures of them. This ( Frederiks Kirke -”The Marble Church”) was my favorite, I spotted it when taking a sightseeing boat trip and simply had to go watch it close up as soon as I got of the boat.
Nyhavn Copenhagen - Marianne Granum

Other than churches, I definitely also have a thing for colorful houses. So there was no surprise that the Nyhavn ( “New Harbour”) area was one of my favorite spots in the city. A perfect go-to place for lunch, a night out, or to take a boat trip.

For a Norwegian it was also very tempting to buy a beer to-go (not something that would fly back home ;-))Lunch in Nyhavn Copenhagen - Marianne Granum Blog

Being the seafood-junkie that I am, the Nyhavn area provided lunch after my taste. Every café, restaurant and bar in the area offered shrimps and other
tasty treats from the sea. Give Posters a Try - Marianne Granum Blog

Nyhavn is also home of Kunsthal Charlottenborg, the contemporary art scene in Copenhagen.

When we visited, there was exhibitions from Sora Kim: Three Foot Walking and Karl Holmqvist: Give Posters a Try among others. Below you see a pic of the latest exhibition.

Not being in Cobenhagen since I was a kid, I heavily relied on social networks for getting recommendations and must-sees.

Before going, I asked my connections on Twitter & Instagram for travel tips, and got so many good ones! Sadly I did not have time to try out all of them, so I’m definitely going back very soon! 🙂

Do you have any recommendations for my next visit?