Creative Ad Ideas

Like it or not, ads are everywhere. And so many of them are so simple, just stating the obvious sales pitch and not challenging the viewer in any way. Creating ads and running a lot of marketing campaigns myself, I know how hard it can be to come up with a unique idea. Therefore, I “collect” ads that surprise me, inspire me or in some other way leave an impression.

I’ve already shared a few on this blog, like the Expedia ads I just discovered: New Advertising Campaign Makes Clever Use of Airport Tags and the adorable, clever and funny “Can You Impress the Penguin?” ad from Penguin Press.

Another creative ad I really liked, is from the Norwegian high-end fashion store Høyer:
Marianne Granum - Creative Ad from Høyer
(Photo from Instagram: @MarianneNHs photo).

Høyer celebrated a new store opening by handing out “parking tickets”, unlike real parking tickets, getting this ticket resulted in a positive surprise: a free sweeter!

What kind of ads do you like? Please share your ” best finds”! 🙂


QR codes – for business and pleasure

Have you tried QR codes yet? They are 2D codes you can make and read with e.g. your smart phone (lots of free apps available!). The potential is huge: It is a quick transfer from paper to web, offers a creative new marketing channel and is an easy way to get more information in to less space. I added a code to my CV directing the viewer to my LinkedIn profile:


Next I’m thinking about adding a code to my business card, linking to my CV, this blog or both. Easy peasy fix for space shortage!:-)

QR codes have started popping up is ads too, often relating to the sender in a very creative way. Like this ad from Seat:


 Starbucks is always fast adapting to new trends:

 The famous  I heart NY  slogan has been alternated in so many ways, it was about time it was offered in QR style too!