#SplussM: My Wedding Hashtag

I’m getting married in a months time, and as the hashtag-loving social media addict I am, a wedding hashtag was just as much a must-have as the wedding dress!;-)

“Wedding hashtags is our times monogram”

A wedding hashtag is a great way to share moments and memories before, during and after the wedding. Neither the bride, groom or wedding photographer can be everywhere at once, and this way the guest can share their pictures for us to look at afterwards.

Marianne Granum - Wedding Hashtag - SplussM

Wedding hashtag as bachelorette theme

This weekend, I had my bachelorette party, and my bridemaids made our hashtag, #SplussM, the theme of the party. T-shirts for all the attendees, cake, picture wall and more had the hashtag on it.

Marianne Granum - Analog Instagram Wall

Real-time sharings

For my wedding I’m playing with the idea of adding an Instagram wall, showcasing all photos with the hashtag. I think this will create a fun icebreaker for the guests, make more guests aware of the hashtag and maybe increase the number of photos too.

What do you think of wedding hashtags, yay or nay?

Psst – My bridesmaids and I have a shared Pinterest board, where we share ideas and inspiration – have a look here. We have a wedding blog too ( in Norwegian) – You can see it here 🙂


My Pinterest Dream World

When I was younger one of the highlights of the month was the day the H&M post order catalog arrived in the mail box. I would get it out and mark every item I wanted with a big “M”, to let my mum know that this was on my wish list. This I could do for hours, and I didn’t really care if I didn’t get all the items I had marked, the activity itself was quite amusing. I don’t remember when this stopped being a favorite activity, but I can see it coming back in a digital form through Pinterest. Nowadays I spend hours looking, liking and pinning shoes, bags, nail polish, the to-die-for dress I never can afford and the accessories that goes with it.

I’ll settle for just one item on this list, mom!

I have even – like so many else – started a wedding board, without any plans of getting married in my near foreseen future! Wedding dresses, cakes (maybe I’ll go for a cupcake wedding cake?), table decoration, flowers, locations and invitations – they all find their way in to my “dream wedding” – board.

Cupcakes, sparkling shoes and the perfect dress -yes, please!

I realize that Pinterest, as the H&M catalog, often is better than the real world. I don’t think I’ll ever afford everything on my wish list or get married in Vera Wang wedding dress with matching Christian Louboutin pumps . But never the less, it is great inspiration and what’s the harm in dreaming a little?

Cute and to-the-point card from someecards.com

Now I’m off to pick out clothes for my future children and furniture for my dream house – on Pinterest of course! 😉 What do you pin on Pinterest? Are you using Pinterest to plan your (dream) wedding?