Creative Ad Ideas

Like it or not, ads are everywhere. And so many of them are so simple, just stating the obvious sales pitch and not challenging the viewer in any way. Creating ads and running a lot of marketing campaigns myself, I know how hard it can be to come up with a unique idea. Therefore, I “collect” ads that surprise me, inspire me or in some other way leave an impression.

I’ve already shared a few on this blog, like the Expedia ads I just discovered: New Advertising Campaign Makes Clever Use of Airport Tags and the adorable, clever and funny “Can You Impress the Penguin?” ad from Penguin Press.

Another creative ad I really liked, is from the Norwegian high-end fashion store Høyer:
Marianne Granum - Creative Ad from Høyer
(Photo from Instagram: @MarianneNHs photo).

Høyer celebrated a new store opening by handing out “parking tickets”, unlike real parking tickets, getting this ticket resulted in a positive surprise: a free sweeter!

What kind of ads do you like? Please share your ” best finds”! 🙂


Instacanvas iPhone Cases: Show off Your Instagram Photos in New Ways!

Just got an e-mail from the Instacanvas, letting me know that I can now turn my favorite Instagram photos into iPhone cases! Pretty marvelous if you ask me!

Choose between Instacanvas favorite pickings, or design your own.

If you’ve signed up for Instacanvas (it is easy and free), give me a shout – I’d love to see your photos! 🙂

Check out my Instacanvas Gallery here.

Live Pinning – the next big thing?

Live streaming, such as live blogging and live tweeting, is a popular way of spreading content and experiences from events and happenings to people outside the physical location, creating global attention and reaching a world-wide audience. The newest member to the live-streaming-family, is live pinning: pinning pictures to virtual pinning boards on Pinterest.

A PR girl( known as OscarPRGirl) at the prestigious fashion house Oscar de la Renta, kept all her Pinterest followers up to speed by live pinning from they’re bridal show in April:

US Weekly did the same for their ‘Hot Hollywood Style’ Party:

Do you know of other examples of live pinning? And do you think live pinning is THE new way of live streaming, replacing other streaming channels?

Twitter thoughts from a 4 year old

Some days ago I woke up to the following Tweet:

Four years on Twitter… What have I been up to?

Although it is a couple of years ago, I still remember when I first heard about Twitter and that it caused me to go straight home and signing up.

I had attended a seminar by Norwegian Marketing Association , and one of the speakers, Øyvind Solstad ( at that time working for NRK -Norwegian Broadcasting, and one of the first Norwegians signing up for Twitter) asked the audience: “How many of you are on Twitter?” The answer was close to none, most of us had not even heard about the microblogging service, but my curiosity was awaken and after the seminar I decided to give it a go, so I sign up and posted my first tweet. According to MyFirstTweet.Com it was:

Very well, I signed up and posted my first tweet – what happened next?
Not much. At first. Most of the time I just observed others, followed their advice, read their links and admittedly, spent a lot of the time “stalking” my favourite celebrities (especially the cast from The Hills).

My own Tweets was very limited, as this graph from TweetStats.Com clearly shows:

I was clearly not enjoying the full potential of Twitter. I now know there is more to it, so if I could go back to the early Twitter version of me and give some advice it would be:

Just do it!
2011 was the year I fully re-discovered Twitter and started sharing my own thoughts and engaging with others. While I earlier tended to over-think every tweet (‘Can I say this?’ ‘What if people disagree?’ ‘This is stupid’) and mostly ended up not writing anything at all, I had now adapted a “just do it” attitude to Twitter – and it helped my get passed my self-censorship (might have caused some spamming though – sorry about that!) and start creating my own content. And that’s when the fun began!

Engage with others!
Twitter is packed with inspiring people – old friends, people you look up to and experts of every kind. Twitter is probably the closest I’ll get to famous authors, celebrities and influential people like Norway’s prime minister. It would be a pity to not make the most if it – so ask questions, mention, retweet and hand-out #FF’s!

Update your info!
I cannot remember if the bio field existed when I signed up, but I do remember it took me a long time to come up with something to say (self-censorship hitting again). Now I know it is as crucial as the profile picture – I want to get a sense of who I’m following and don’t follow people without a picture and a bio. A funny or interesting bio can also make me hit the following button on people I just stumble upon or don’t have much in common with.

What did your first Tweet say? And what is your best Twitter advice?

My Gallery Is Open!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about signing up for Instacanvas and getting my own gallery, and yesterday I got the message I’ve been waiting for: My gallery was finally ready, and all I had to do was to decide what pictures I wanted to showcase (there’s no limit) and “cut the ribbon”!

The galleries with most weekly hits / traffic, are featured on the main page, so if you want to help me out my gallery, you can find it here:

You can request your own gallery at:

Does any of you have an Instacanvas gallery already? What are your thoughts on and experiences with it?

Words to live by

” Are you a born writer? Were you put on earth to be a painter, a scientist, an apostle of peace? In the end the question can only be answered by action.

Do it or don’t do it. ”

I’m currently reading Steven Pressfields’ the War of Art, a book about fight your inner Resistance and reach your potensials.


Recommended reading for everyone wishing, dreaming, thinking about following their inner callings and living out their dreams!

Get Organized With Pinterest

I’m hooked on Pinterest, not only because it is loaded with amazing photos, but also because it allows you to create boards and organize your stuff, ideas, inspiration in your own way.

Cloths, icons and landsmarks from different eras in history:

Boards made by: Amy Leader

Did you think you had to have a white wedding? Think again:

Boards made by Perfect Palette

Looking for travel inspiration? Pinterest is the perfect place to start planning your dream travel.

Boards made by: Croft Global Travel

Are you redecorating? Why don’t make boards for every room?

Boards made by: Follow This Bird

Travel, Food, Colors, Seasons decoration, Gift ideas, Clothing, Redecorating – the list goes on and on, with Pinterest boards you can start collection ideas and inspiration for nearly anything!