Instagram downtime – What to do?

Instagram downtime - My catAs many of you propably noticed, Instagram had some problems earlier today. Many users (me included) could not post content or view the latest content posted by others.  It´s in  times like  this, I realize how addicted I really am to Instagram!

Here´s how I (tried to) go by without Instagram:

1 .Closing the app (- no effect)

2. Signing out of the app (- still no effect)

3. Turning off my phone (- nothing)

4. Deleting and re-installing the app (- still nothing – at this point I`m getting really upset – after all I do have photos of my cat, my food and skyporn to post!)

5. Check Twitter to see if I’m the only one to have problems (- Discover the #InstagramIsDown hashtag, and somehow feeling a little better)

6. Googling for answers (- not found)

7. Complaining on Twitter (- like everyone else)

8. Ending up uploading a photo of my cat and me to Twitter (- hashtagged #Selfie – which surely cost me some Twitter followers)

9. Hanging around at EyeEm (- for like 5 minutes…)

10. Instagram working again (- YAY – posting photo of my cat)


How did you survive the Instagram downtime? 🙂


BIEK Give Away – Status update

As mentioned in the Instagram Give Away: BIEK! blog post, I´m hosting a give away with BIEK.

Here are some of the contribution I´ve received so far. See more at

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Big thanks to everyone uploading their freedom photos to Instagram using the #MixiGiveAway hashtag! 🙂

And remember, there is still time to enter! Winners are picked on Monday (24th of March)!

Wedding Planning in a Digital Era

Marianne Granum - digital wedding planning - Wedding hashtagI got married last summer, and during the wedding planning I leaned heavily on digital resources and social networks.
My two top resources was Instagram and Pinterest, here’s what I did:

Official Wedding Hashtagg

Hashtags are our times monogram, right? At least that was my mantra when coming up with a hashtag for our wedding!

Before, during and after the wedding we encouraged our guests to share snapshots and tag them #SplussM. The wedding photographer can’t be everywhere, and this way we got so many precious, hilarious and cute memories 🙂 We even had a couple of “digital wedding crashers“! 😉

Marianne Granum - Instagram live feed at weddingTo encourage sharings, we had an Instagram live feed at the wedding, and a list of ideas for what they could take photos of (Like “your food”, “the bride and groom kissing”, “your favorite treat on the dessert table”, “your outfit”, “someone taking a photo”, “the next couple to get married” and so on).

The hashtag was also mentioned in all communication with the guests, and incorporated in our wedding decorations.

Pinteresting wedding ideas
Pinterest is an almost unlimited source of wedding inspiration! I even had a wedding board there long before even being engaged, just because of all the beautiful dresses, table decorations, flowers, cakes and venues I came a cross.

Marianne Granum - Wedding survival kitBefore my wedding I created a joint pinning boards with my bridesmaids, so that we could share the great ideas we stumbled across.

Pinterest was also helpful when I was looking for gifts for bridesmaids and groom, I came a cross the idea of “Survival kits” for the big day, and I decided to make them my self and fill them with useful and cute stuff for the day. The girls got sparkling wine, matching ear rings, hair spray, nail polish and such. While the groom got a pair of socks (in case of cold feet ;)), playing cards, alarm clock and champagne.

Other social resources can be a Facebook group for all the guests or a wedding blog following the preparations up to the big day and sharing the memories from it afterwards. Do you have other digital wedding planning ideas? I’d love to hear them! 🙂

Tagboard – All Hashtags at One Place

These days, hashtags are everywhere in the social network sphere: We add tags to our posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Google+ and so on.
It has been hard to keep track and following a hashtag from one network to another-but not anymore! Tagboard is a new service that allows you to do hashtag searches across all hashtag-friendly networks.

Tagboard is very handy for both personal and professional use, use-cases include:
– At an event, or while watching a live event at TV and following the debate online
– For businesses tracking their brand across networks, discovering what network(s) their most engaged and loyal fans use, and what they are saying about you.

Marianne Granum - Tagboard - Tracking Hashtags across social networks

Instagram: Top 3 Annoying Instagram Habits

There are lots of does and dont’s when it comes to Instagram, most of us have done some of the dont’s (I know I have!), here are the three Instagram habits that bug me the most:

– #Hashtagging #Every #Word

You probably seen this on Instagram and might have wondered if it is a good idea? It’s not. The point of adding a hashtag is to make your picture searchable and easy to find for people looking for that particular topic.

Turning every word into an hashtag is pointless – have you ever searched for #is #and #a ? No? Nobody else either… Instagram allows 50 tags per picture (which I think is plenty), make sure to add tags that people actually search for and don’t “waste” tags on these words no one searches for.

– Hashtag “cheating”
I guess this is a “crime” most of us are quilty of, adding popular hashtags that have nothing to do with the picture just to generate more likes.
While this might be effective, it’s also annoying and ruins the purpose of hashtagging and searching for photos on Instagram. If generating a lot of likes is your thing, try out the Tags for Like app. Tags for Like generates hashtags based on categories, determine your pictures category/ies and find popular hashtags to label it with.

– Adding a #Nofilter tag to pictures that 1) it’s obvious that you have not used any filters, and /or 2) is not that impressive.

Am I the only one that find the miss-use of #NoFilter tags annoying? Use #NoFilter when you’ve captured something quite stunning and have no need to editing it, or when the lighting is perfect or you created a natural filter (under a lamp, using your sunglasses or a paper sheet e.g.), not when you’ve taken a random nature pic that quite frankly could need some earlybird-magic 😉

What do you think is the biggest Instagram no-no?

#SplussM: My Wedding Hashtag

I’m getting married in a months time, and as the hashtag-loving social media addict I am, a wedding hashtag was just as much a must-have as the wedding dress!;-)

“Wedding hashtags is our times monogram”

A wedding hashtag is a great way to share moments and memories before, during and after the wedding. Neither the bride, groom or wedding photographer can be everywhere at once, and this way the guest can share their pictures for us to look at afterwards.

Marianne Granum - Wedding Hashtag - SplussM

Wedding hashtag as bachelorette theme

This weekend, I had my bachelorette party, and my bridemaids made our hashtag, #SplussM, the theme of the party. T-shirts for all the attendees, cake, picture wall and more had the hashtag on it.

Marianne Granum - Analog Instagram Wall

Real-time sharings

For my wedding I’m playing with the idea of adding an Instagram wall, showcasing all photos with the hashtag. I think this will create a fun icebreaker for the guests, make more guests aware of the hashtag and maybe increase the number of photos too.

What do you think of wedding hashtags, yay or nay?

Psst – My bridesmaids and I have a shared Pinterest board, where we share ideas and inspiration – have a look here. We have a wedding blog too ( in Norwegian) – You can see it here 🙂

Top 5 Hashtag Mistakes

Looking for more information about hashtags, what they are and how to use them? Check out this blog post.

The use of hashtags in social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and so on is very popular, and – when used correctly – hashtags can be a very efficient way of getting more readers and viewers to check out your content.

But there are some pitfalls you should be aware of before you start tagging away – here are my top 5 hashtag mistakes:

Marianne Granum - What are hashtags and how to use them
– Hashtagging every word
You probably seen this on Instagram and might have wondered if it is a good idea? It’s not. The point of adding a hashtag is to make your picture searchable and easy to find for people looking for that particular topic.

Turning every word into an hashtag is pointless – have you ever searched for #is #and #a ? No? Nobody else either… Instagram allows 50tags per picture (which I think is plenty), make sure to add tags that people actually search for and don’t “waste” tags on these words no one searches for.

– Hashtags on Facebook
Not many hashtags fails set me off like hashtags on Facebook! It has no purpose (hashtags are not searchable on FB!) and just screams “I have no clue what the #s mean!”

Update: Facebook now supports Hashtags! So tag away! 😉

– Adding hashtags that are not relevant for the picture.

In an attempt to get more IG likes and followers, some people add popular tags that are not relevant for the picture. I don’t think this is a very smart strategy, personally I get irritated when I search for a topic and a lot of the pictures that show up are off-topic. , this does make me hit “unfollow” rather than like. So this strategy is definitely not working on me – how about you?

– Special Characters
Double Check that your hashtags are working (highlighted like hyperlinks and click able), some special characters are not supported. For instants, “+”, “&” “?” and so one are not supported on Instagram.

– Hashtags on private profiles

Hashtags from private Instagram or Twitter accounts are only searchable for your friends, so unless you have a really big follower base, there is not really any reason for adding hashtags to your photos – your friends will probably see them anyway. An exception is If you and your friend made your own hashtag for a party, wedding or vacation trip e.g.

What do you think are the biggest hashtag mistakes out there?