Social Media Spring Cleaning

Marianne Granum - Social Media Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, representing renewal and a fresh start – why not use this time of year to clean up your digital presence too?

Here are my 3-steps to a Social Media Spring Cleaning:

Review your strategy – what is working and what is not?
You can treat your social media activities like you treat your closet. Just like reviewing your closet from time to time and changing, adding or taking out cloths from the closet, you should from time to time also review your social media activities and campaigns, your goals, strategies and results. What worked out and what did not? What should be changed and what should you still be doing?

Explore new networks
Are there any new networks generating a lot of buzz now, or a network that is still under the radar that you happen to know about? Look into how these can benefit your personal or professional brand. My new favourites are Vine and Snapchat, which both present a lot of new opportunities and exciting use cases for your company and /or personal brand.

Update bio and “About me/ us”
Did you get a new job or more responsibilities, learned a new skill? Got a new cool hobby you want to share? Did your brand get a new feature, a new product or a new partner? A lot happens in a year, make sure others know about it. Remember to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date too.

Your turn – what did I miss? What are your best tips for cleaning up your social media presence?


QR codes – for business and pleasure

Have you tried QR codes yet? They are 2D codes you can make and read with e.g. your smart phone (lots of free apps available!). The potential is huge: It is a quick transfer from paper to web, offers a creative new marketing channel and is an easy way to get more information in to less space. I added a code to my CV directing the viewer to my LinkedIn profile:


Next I’m thinking about adding a code to my business card, linking to my CV, this blog or both. Easy peasy fix for space shortage!:-)

QR codes have started popping up is ads too, often relating to the sender in a very creative way. Like this ad from Seat:


 Starbucks is always fast adapting to new trends:

 The famous  I heart NY  slogan has been alternated in so many ways, it was about time it was offered in QR style too!