Happy Halloween!

I’m a big sucker for holidays, parties and celebrations. Halloween is no exception – I love the treats, the decorations and the costumes. I’ve put together a Pinterest board with some of my favorites:

See the full board at Pinterest.

Want to make some delicious halloween treats? Check out these Halloween desserts.

Or are you wondering how much money people spend on candy, what they dress up as and how they spend the day? Check out Mashable’s infographic Halloween by the numbers

How do you spend Halloween?


Larry Gets a Makeover

My favorite bird, Larry, just got a makeover. The famous Twitter icon is back in a slimmer, darker blue version. He even got a haircut!

Picture from Mashable.

What do you think of the changes?

Get Your Own Facebook Infographic

By using My Social Stand you can easily create your personalized infographics based on your Facebook profile details.

Source: mysocialstrand.com via Marianne on Pinterest


My Social Stand is created by Be The Match, a non-profit organization working for raising awareness about the need for bone marrow donors. By simply connecting to your Facebook profile, answering a few questions and selecting some pictures, you get your own personalized infographic. In addition, you learn a thing or two about bone marrow donation and how to sign up as a donor.

To learn more check out: Mashable: My Social Strand Turns Your Facebook Profile Into An Infograohic and give it a try at: My Social Strand.

Happy Valentines Day!

Love it or hate it, Valentines Day is here. I dare to say that no matter what, a Valentines Day card is always appreciated. Especially when it is done with a twist, like the collection of cards Mashable has gathered for the occasion: Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Special Tech Geek . Here are my favorites:

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it!

A perfect love declaration for your YouTube-addicted better half.

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