Social Media Spring Cleaning

Marianne Granum - Social Media Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, representing renewal and a fresh start – why not use this time of year to clean up your digital presence too?

Here are my 3-steps to a Social Media Spring Cleaning:

Review your strategy – what is working and what is not?
You can treat your social media activities like you treat your closet. Just like reviewing your closet from time to time and changing, adding or taking out cloths from the closet, you should from time to time also review your social media activities and campaigns, your goals, strategies and results. What worked out and what did not? What should be changed and what should you still be doing?

Explore new networks
Are there any new networks generating a lot of buzz now, or a network that is still under the radar that you happen to know about? Look into how these can benefit your personal or professional brand. My new favourites are Vine and Snapchat, which both present a lot of new opportunities and exciting use cases for your company and /or personal brand.

Update bio and “About me/ us”
Did you get a new job or more responsibilities, learned a new skill? Got a new cool hobby you want to share? Did your brand get a new feature, a new product or a new partner? A lot happens in a year, make sure others know about it. Remember to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date too.

Your turn – what did I miss? What are your best tips for cleaning up your social media presence?


Brands on Pinterest

When it comes to social networks, Pinterest is predicted to be the Next Big Thing. The interest for the virtual pin-boards are growing fast, according to the number of unique visitors increased by 429 percent(!) from September to December 2011. Pinterest has become a popular tool to generate traffic back to your web page. According to Mashable, Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined. As an effect, brands are starting to embrace Pinterest, making their own boards and engaging in pin-sharing activities with their customers and fans.

The high-end department store Nordstrom is one of them, pinning pictures of the latest news in the stores and watching the followers re-pinning and spreading their favorites.

Whole Living magazine is using Pinterest to create awareness around their publications and promoting a health lifestyle pinning pictures of shakes, smoothies and other healthy treats.

The online influence measurement company Klout is embracing Pinterest in a fun and casual way, combining pins of Klout Infograpics and Klout Perks with pictures from the office (pins of what the Klout team had for lunch included).

My personal Pinterest favorite, the fabulous fashionista Nina Garcia is doing a great job building her personal brand on Pinterest, sharing the latest trends and personal fashion favorites.

Which brands do you follow on Pinterest and why?