Pinterest Contests: Pin It To Win It!

Pinterest can be used in many ways, Live pinning from events, daydreaming, planning your vacation , organizing your life and much much more. One great use case for businesses and brands on Pinterest, is arranging contests.

There are lots of ways to throw a Pinterest contest, such as encouraging people to “repin to win” or upload their own pictures, introducing special hashtags and shared board or appealing to peoples adventurous side with puzzles and quests. Here are a few examples of how different brands have arranged a Pinterest competition:

The fashion brand Guess turned Pinterest users boards into campaign ads by encouraging them to style their boards and making them fit for the spring season.

Similar contests have been held by Ann Taylor, Pottery Barn and several other brands.

Pinterest contests are not only for clothes and fashion brands: Confused — a U.K. insurance comparison website recently held a “driving-in-heels” competition on Pinterest, encouraging people to pin pictures of the crazies shoes worn while driving a car.

Also car companies can launch successful and creative Pinterest competitions, as Peugeot did with their puzzle competition:

Peugeot invites people to complete the puzzles by participating in a quest for the missing pieces at the companies web pages (and hence driving more traffic to their pages):

You can create similar puzzles, by following Mashable’s guide to “hack” your Pinterest boards.

Have you participated in a Pinterest contest?


Live Pinning – the next big thing?

Live streaming, such as live blogging and live tweeting, is a popular way of spreading content and experiences from events and happenings to people outside the physical location, creating global attention and reaching a world-wide audience. The newest member to the live-streaming-family, is live pinning: pinning pictures to virtual pinning boards on Pinterest.

A PR girl( known as OscarPRGirl) at the prestigious fashion house Oscar de la Renta, kept all her Pinterest followers up to speed by live pinning from they’re bridal show in April:

US Weekly did the same for their ‘Hot Hollywood Style’ Party:

Do you know of other examples of live pinning? And do you think live pinning is THE new way of live streaming, replacing other streaming channels?

My Pinterest Dream World

When I was younger one of the highlights of the month was the day the H&M post order catalog arrived in the mail box. I would get it out and mark every item I wanted with a big “M”, to let my mum know that this was on my wish list. This I could do for hours, and I didn’t really care if I didn’t get all the items I had marked, the activity itself was quite amusing. I don’t remember when this stopped being a favorite activity, but I can see it coming back in a digital form through Pinterest. Nowadays I spend hours looking, liking and pinning shoes, bags, nail polish, the to-die-for dress I never can afford and the accessories that goes with it.

I’ll settle for just one item on this list, mom!

I have even – like so many else – started a wedding board, without any plans of getting married in my near foreseen future! Wedding dresses, cakes (maybe I’ll go for a cupcake wedding cake?), table decoration, flowers, locations and invitations – they all find their way in to my “dream wedding” – board.

Cupcakes, sparkling shoes and the perfect dress -yes, please!

I realize that Pinterest, as the H&M catalog, often is better than the real world. I don’t think I’ll ever afford everything on my wish list or get married in Vera Wang wedding dress with matching Christian Louboutin pumps . But never the less, it is great inspiration and what’s the harm in dreaming a little?

Cute and to-the-point card from

Now I’m off to pick out clothes for my future children and furniture for my dream house – on Pinterest of course! 😉 What do you pin on Pinterest? Are you using Pinterest to plan your (dream) wedding?