The State of Enterprise Social Marketing

Enterprise Social Marketing Stats
Spreadfast and Forrester recently launched The 2014 State of Enterprise Social Marketing Report, researching how some of the world’s largest company organize, plan and execute social marketing effort. Here are some take-aways from the report:

Social Media – A Growing Priority
69 % are increasing staffing for social marketing in 2014, and 68 % are increasing their social marketing budget compared to 2013.

69,4 % believe their organization prioritizes social basted on how effort are organized and executed.

Measuring What Matters
Nearly 3 out of 4 measure the business value of social marketing, reach and resonance being the top two measuring areas. However, the measuring areas are not static, most ( 73 % ) also state that they are constantly evolving and defining best practices.

Social Means Building Awareness
“Building Brand Awareness” is the most frequent main business goal (39 % of recipients). Somewhat surprising, only 3 % answered “Provide customer services”.

Social – An Integrated Part of Marketing
Two out of three (66,9%) are integrating social with broader marketing efforts.

Nearly a third allotted between 3 % and 5 % of total marketing budget to social marketing.


Snapchat Marketing – A 3 Steps Guide

Today’s marketing is about reaching your audience on their terms and where they are. Considering this, Snapchat might be an excellent marketing channel for some brands (check out my previous posts – Snapchat Marketing and Snapchat – The Next Big Thing? )

Snapchat is fast growing, but the marketers are not giving it the attention it deserves: In Norway, 50 % of all smartphone owners use Snapchat, while the number of marketers using SnapChat (world-wide) is 1 %!

(more stats follows below)

Screenshot from

Inspo: The Norwegian edtion of “Paradise Hotel” uses Snapchat to give back to their most dedicated fans. Screenshot from

Here is a quick 3 steps guide to marketing with Snapchat:

1: Get started – Research and strategy

First, do the necessary research – who is your target audience? And is it likely that they are using Snapchat?

Some useful stats:
– US: More than 26 million users
– Norway: 50 % of all smartphone users use Snapchat
– 70 % of users are female
– 400 million snaps are sent every day
– Percentage of Marketers that use Snapchat: 1 %

More stats are available here: By the Numbers: 23 Amazing Snapchat

If the stats match your target audience, then you can start crafting your Snapchat marketing strategy.

Consider things such as:
– What are your main target(s) and goal(s)?
– What content will you be sending out?
– What do you hope to get out of it?
– How will you use the responses you get?
– How much time do you plan to spend on this activity?

2: Get the word out
Align the snapchat activities with your other activities. Mention your Snapchat username on your blog or Facebook page, encourage your fans to add and connect with you using Snapchat.

Remember to adapt a voice / language suitable for the media and the target audience in your snaps.

3: What is in it for them?
Make sure to mention if / how you’ll use the Snapchat messages you receive. Is there any reward or benefit for sending you Snaps? Will they receive a discount coupon back (on Snapchat of course, get access to exclusive content or sneak peeks first, or will their pictures be featured on your blog or Facebook page?

Don’t underestimate the effect of showcasing the contributions you’ll receive. Most people like getting recognition by brands they like.

Music Angel Snapchat Facebook

Inspo: Music Angel (mobile speakers), take screenshot of some of the snaps they receive and feature them on Facebook. Screenshot from Music Angel Friendz Facebook page

For more inspiration, check out: 5 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Snapchat

What would make you interact with brands on Snapchat?

Winning an Instagram Contest

I’ve earlier written about how to host an Instagram contest, now let’s move to the other side of the table – How do you win an Instagram contest?

While I don’t think there is a secret success formula to winning any Instagram contest, or any other contest, (that would be boring anyway, right?), I believe there are lots of ways to increase your winning chances. Below you can read some of my advises (that I’ve had winning experiences with myself).

The first two advises are basics, that would apply to pretty much all Instagram contests, while the last four are most relevant in contests where the picture(s) with the most likes win.

Study the rules
Knowledge is power, take some time to study the contest rules and conditions. You might find something that gives you a computational edge! What does the contest rules say about use of hashtags? Can you upload as many contributions as you like? How is the winner(s) picked? Is there some way you can influence the contest, by e.g. asking friends to like and share your picture? Are there any hints given as to what the jury might be looking for?

Keep an eye on the competition
Check out the contest hashtag and analyze the other contributions. What do you like? Is there something you can build on (not copy!) and make better? Are some motives / interpretations more frequent than others? (Maybe you should go for something else, that would stand out in the bunch?)

If you are entering a contest where the picture(s) with the most likes wins, there are lots of ways to gain more likes quickly:

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags

The fastest way to get people to like your Instagram pictures is adding hashtags. Make sure to use tags that are popular / frequently used, while they also describe your photo ( the Tag for likes app can be useful in generating popular tags).

Make sure you know the Instagram hashtag etiquettes as well.

Promote your picture
Tell your friends and connections about the contest, and ask them to vote for your picture. Your competition will, so you should too!

Pick your best shot…
You should (obviously) pick the image you’re most satisfied with (make sure it is aligned with the contest rules too of course). Also try picking one that you think will be easy for people to like kids, candy, sunsets, and nothing too controversal (depending on the contest of course).

…and stick to it
Once you’ve found the perfect shot, upload it and don’t upload any other pictures. Why? Because it causes confusing for the people you’ve asked to like your photo, and (in my experience) people stumbling on to your Instagram profile tend to like the last picture uploaded.

What did I miss? Do you have other tricks for winning an Instagram contest?

Vine Videos for Twitter – Make a Scene

Vine is a video-making app for iPhone and iPad app. It was recently acquired by Twitter and allows you to share videos right in your Twitter feed – no links to click, no need to leave your feed – Pretty great, huh? There is a catch though, just like Twitter, Vine wants to keep it brief, the videos can only be 6 seconds or less!

This obviously cause some challenges – how can you get your message through in 6 seconds? Is there really any use of a 6 second video? Sure there is, I think Vine can be used in multiple ways, for creating and sharing content such as:

* Create short tutorials
* Trailer / teasers of longer videos
* Present sneak-peaks of products
* Show behind-the-scene footage before or during an event
* Showcase highlights from a fashion show, trade show or conference
* Shoot short updates from your workplace
* Make a short-film
* Create an animations
* Show off your cooking skills and share your favorite receips

Have you tried Vine? What do you use it for?

My Instagram Tour

Judging from the search terms you use to find my blog, a lot of you visit me searching for information, help and facts about Instagram. So I thought I’ll make it easy for you and make a collection of all my posts about Instagram here. Welcome to my Instagram Tour!

Let’s begin the tour by establishing what Instagram is: a free photo-sharing program & social network mainly accessed through a smartphone app. Before sharing your pictures, you can edit, add filters and effects to them. In the uploading process you can choose to share the picture in multiple other social networks as well, such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Once the picture is uploaded, all your followers, and anyone that search for the hashtags used, can see, like (heart by double-tapping) and comment on it (privacy settings are available). Instagram has a dedicated user / fan base (IG’ers) which mostly refer to Instagram as IG, and arrange Instagram photowalks and get-together with other IG’ers.

More info can be found in my Instagram guide posts: Instagram (My very first post about Instagram! *Nostalgia*) and Insta-lovin: A 101 Guide to Instagram

Next stop, hashtags. Just like Twitter, Instagram supports hashtags (#Keyword) to categories content, make it searchable and capture a feeling or say something about the content. More about hashtags in my post Instagram Hashtags: How does it work and why should you use them.

Let’s continue by looking at some numbers. In April 2012 Instagram contained more than 1 billion uploaded images and had more than 40 million users. For more stats, have a look at Instagram by the numbers.

All the widgets and add-ons make Instagram even cooler, you can do almost anything with your IG photos! Print, make postcards, fridge magnets and photo books. Gramfeed (and similar services) lets you view your photos from the web (not just your smartphone). Instalook lets you discover IG photos taken around you / at your location. You can even open your very own virtuell gallery, the Instacanvas. Another cool add-on is Statigram, giving you a full overview of all the stats about your IG account, and IG in general. Statigram also provides an overview of trending topics:

Because of it’s visuell features and large user base, Instagram can be an effective marketing channel for businesses. Companies and brands can engage with their customers and fans by e.g. hosting hashtag contests or asking for the customers best picture about their product. In my post Don’t say it, show it, you can read more about images as part of a marketing strategy. The Instagram For Businesses Blog also has a lot of examples of good usecases for companies. I for one love the Instagram campaigns Tiffany & Co have been running, for more info check out Tiffany’s #TrueLovePictures.

I’ll end this post with a warning, Instagram can be very addictive! If you think you or someone you know suffer from an Instagram addiction, you can see the signs in my post How to Spot an Instagram-junkie.

Did I miss any stops on my tour? What else do you think is worth knowing about Instagram?

I’d love to see your IG photos, look me up on Instagram (@Mariannemixi), or share your username below! 🙂

Instagram by the numbers

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Instagram By The Numbers
Source: Instagram By The Numbers – Infographic

How to Analyze Your Social Media Efforts [Infographics]

Lately Pinterest has become my main source of infographics. This infograpic I found via Pinterest thanks to Henriette Høyer’s pinning.

The infograph is originally fromViralBlog: How to analyze your social media efforts.

Don’t say it, show it!

Everyone knows the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so why not include this in your strategy for building brand awareness? There is a bunch of to places to share your pictures online, here is a few:


I have said it before, and I repeat it gladly – I LOVE Instagram! The fabulous mix of pictures and the possibility to connect  with “photo fanatics”  from all over the world, makes me hooked. It is also a great place for businesses to promote their products, create awareness and build a fan base.

The other day I stumbled upon Baking911 and their CEO Sarah Phillips Instagram account, which is packed with pics of tempting cakes, cupcakes and cookies and illustrates the value of Instagram from a business perspective.

High quality pictures of tasty pastries, informative tags about ingredients and links to webpage – clearly, Baking911 has understood the Instagram potential.


The super cute is more than just adding “hearts” to the pictures you like (and to be fair, that is fun too! ). By installing the Heart button to your web browsers tool line, it also lets you upload your own pictures and add tags to it.

The uploaded pictures include the URL from its origin, so this is a great way to promote your blog or website, and the best part; people will spread it for you!


Talking about sharing pictures online without mention Flickr is almost impossible, it is THE image hosting website and has more than 50 millions registered users. Therefore I was quite surprised of not finding that many brands present (I later learned that this might be due to strict regulations on pictures for commercial use. For this use, a formal permission from Yahoo! / Flickr needs to be in place), I did however find a few good ones, like Kilroy Travels Sweden:

It makes you want to travel, right?

Your turn – Where do you share your pictures? I’m always looking for creative souls to follow on Instagram and Flickr, so give me a shout out if you are one of them!