Oggl – First Impressions

Oggl is a new photo sharing experience powered by the popular Hipstamatic camera, films and lenses. It refer to it self as “A Community Of Creative People Capturing & Curating Their Lives Through Photography” and was recently launched. Here are my first thoughts and experiences:

What I love:
– The “Shoot With This” feature, that allows you to
copy the lens and film settings from other users uploaded pictures.
– The look and feel of the app. Oggl has wisely copied the very
cool design of Hipåstamatic – Looking good!
– The editing feature -This is something I, and probably others, have been missing in the
Hipstamatic app. With Oggl you can switch between lenses and films
after taking the picture.
– All the different lenses and films ( worth the 9,99$ to me)

Marianne Granum - Oggl

What I miss:
– The possibility to upload pictures from your camera roll.
– Being able to share the same picture twice to Twitter. I accidentally spelled something
wrong the first time I shared the picture, and there was no way of sharing it twice, not even after editing the picture.
– An easier way to search for friends, I can’t see any way to search for friends from Facebook or Twitter yet.
– More settings – I’m missing an option to adjust my profile photo and the possibility to turn of the auto-save to the camera roll
– More ways of interacting, you can currently not comment on pictures (you can @mention in your capture title, but I cannot see any commenting features yet, nor do you get notifications when people follow you, like or curate your photos.

Nice to know:
– Currently only for iphone
– Free to use, but you can become a member (9,99$ annually) to get access to more films, filters, support the development and skip ads.
– Currently by invitation only, request an invitation in the app or on Oggl.com. (In my case the invitation came less than 24 hours after I requested it)

Are you on Oggl? My user name is @Mariannemixi if you want to look me up 🙂


Instagram: a Quick Guide to Instagram’s New Tagging Feature

Psst – if you’re looking for information about Instagram hashtags, click here.

Instagram recently added a new features: The possibility to tag people in the pictures you upload (earlier you could only tag people in the sense that you @mentioned their user name in the picture text or comments).

To start tagging people in you photos, go to the photo and click on the button in the lower right corner. Once you’ve done this, you get a list of options, the last option on the list is to “tag / add people to your photo”. Touch the photo and start typing Instagram user name or real name of the person(s) in the photo and press “save” when the name comes up.


With the new tagging feature, you (and everyone else) can get a full overview of all the photos you have been tagged in. You can see all photos you are tagged in under the “Photos of you”-tab on your profile page: 20130512-172036.jpg

Instagram is taking a step closer to Facebook with this update, but has also taken some important precautions : No one other than the person that uploaded the picture can tag people in it. And you can turn of auto-approving
and choose to approve manually. In the “Photos of you” tab, press the button in the right top corner and switch from automatically to manually tagging.


What do you think of this new Instagram feature? Useful or not?

Social Technographic Tool From Forrester

The Social Technographic Tool from Forrester provides valuable data about the social media activity level of your target group(s). The tool rates activity level based on these categories:

*Creators – publish blogs, web pages, upload videos or audio or post articles or stories
*Critics – who post ratings / reviews of products or services, comment on another blog, contribute to online forums or contribute to or edit articles in a wiki
*Collectors – who use RSS feeds, vote for websites online or add tags to web pages or photos.
*Joiners – those that maintain a social network profile or visit social networking sites.
*Spectators – who read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch video from other users, read online forums, read customer ratings and reviews and read tweets.
*Inactives – none of the above and not involved in Social Media.

The tool lets you do searches based on age, gender and location. Click on the picture below to give it a try.

Instagram by the numbers

++ Click Image to Enlarge ++
Instagram By The Numbers
Source: Instagram By The Numbers – Infographic

Insta-lovin: A 101 Guide to Instagram

It’s hardly a secret that I’m an Instagram fangirl, if you read this blog somewhat frequently you might even have grown tired of all my Instragram talk ( I dedicated my love to the picture-sharing-service here, here and here). Today I felt like doing more than just talk about how great Instagram is, and actually show it. So I have put together a little Instagram 101 guide.

*Insta-heart it

To indicate you like someones photos, you can click the heart icon below the photo. Liking (or hearting) is a key feature of Instagram, and serves as both giving reconginitons to others and saving the picture so you can easily find it later (stored in the “photos you’ve liked” tab on your profile).

A faster way of adding a heart to the picture, is double-clicking it. A pretty basic tip, but it saves you a lot of time if you are browsing to a large stream of photos.

*hashtags and mentions

Like Twitter, Instagram lets you add hashtags (#) to your updates.
Hashtags makes it easier to categories your photos, and helps others finding your pictures. If you e.g. search for #cupcakes (I tend to do that a lot!), more than 400 000 pictures pops up.

Hashtags are also used to enter contests and shout-outs.

To interact with other IGs, Instagram lets you – again like Twitter, mention others using a @ and the username of the IGer you are talking to.

*Create photo magic

A key feature to why Instagram’s popularity keeps on growing, is the fact that it enables everyone to take great photos. With all it’s filters and features, you almost can’t go wrong.

The photo to the left is taken with the Camera+ app for iPhone. To the right, the same photos is given som Instagram magic.

To make this effect, simply to as follows: 1, upload to Instagram, 2,tap the sun icon ( low left corner) to add brigther colors, 3, tap the drop icon and select the radial / round shaped icon to make one area of the photo focused and the rest blurry.


To add even more value to the Instagram experience, check out some of the numberous widgets and services such as statigr.am for all your Instagram statistics and pingram.me to showcase your IG photos the Pinterest way.

With Instacanv.as you can showcase and sell your IG photos in your very own online gallery.

What’s your best IG trick?

Foursquare: Facts & Fun

I´m still very fascinated by infograhics and keep trying to making them myself. Here is my second attempt at making my own infographic (The first one? You can see it here), this time I decided to share info about the location-based social network Foursquare. Like last time, I used Easel.ly and I´m still very satisfied with how easy it is to use!

One of the biggest challenge I met making this, was finding stats that are reliable and up-to-date. Do you know of any good places to look? Please let me know! I´m also always looking for nifty tools, so recommendations are very welcome 🙂

And, where do you mostly check-in?

Pinterest Contests: Pin It To Win It!

Pinterest can be used in many ways, Live pinning from events, daydreaming, planning your vacation , organizing your life and much much more. One great use case for businesses and brands on Pinterest, is arranging contests.

There are lots of ways to throw a Pinterest contest, such as encouraging people to “repin to win” or upload their own pictures, introducing special hashtags and shared board or appealing to peoples adventurous side with puzzles and quests. Here are a few examples of how different brands have arranged a Pinterest competition:

The fashion brand Guess turned Pinterest users boards into campaign ads by encouraging them to style their boards and making them fit for the spring season.

Similar contests have been held by Ann Taylor, Pottery Barn and several other brands.

Pinterest contests are not only for clothes and fashion brands: Confused — a U.K. insurance comparison website recently held a “driving-in-heels” competition on Pinterest, encouraging people to pin pictures of the crazies shoes worn while driving a car.

Also car companies can launch successful and creative Pinterest competitions, as Peugeot did with their puzzle competition:

Peugeot invites people to complete the puzzles by participating in a quest for the missing pieces at the companies web pages (and hence driving more traffic to their pages):

You can create similar puzzles, by following Mashable’s guide to “hack” your Pinterest boards.

Have you participated in a Pinterest contest?

The State of Social Media 2012

The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company
The State of Social Media 2012 by The SEO Company

What are your Social Media predictions for the rest of 2012?

Create Your Own Infographics with Easel.ly

I´m a big fan of infographics, I think they look nice (mostly) and present information in a creative and sharable way. Today I´ve tried out a new, free infographic tool: Easel.ly. (Thanks to Ztiw0b for tweeting me this link: Eight free tools to make infographics).

Easel.ly is still in beta, but yet provides several neat features. And it is very easy to use! I especially like that you could upload your own files and easily move the text and objects around.

Below you can see my first attempt at making an infographic. Since tomorrow is Norwegian Constitution Day / National Day, I decided to make a “17 May 101” Infographic (I guess it´s not a real infographic, as it don´t contain any graphs or stats, but bear with me, it is my first attempt 😉 )

Do you know of any other good tools for making infographics?

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