Vine Videos for Twitter – Make a Scene

Vine is a video-making app for iPhone and iPad app. It was recently acquired by Twitter and allows you to share videos right in your Twitter feed – no links to click, no need to leave your feed – Pretty great, huh? There is a catch though, just like Twitter, Vine wants to keep it brief, the videos can only be 6 seconds or less!

This obviously cause some challenges – how can you get your message through in 6 seconds? Is there really any use of a 6 second video? Sure there is, I think Vine can be used in multiple ways, for creating and sharing content such as:

* Create short tutorials
* Trailer / teasers of longer videos
* Present sneak-peaks of products
* Show behind-the-scene footage before or during an event
* Showcase highlights from a fashion show, trade show or conference
* Shoot short updates from your workplace
* Make a short-film
* Create an animations
* Show off your cooking skills and share your favorite receips

Have you tried Vine? What do you use it for?

Snapchat – the next big thing?

Snapchat is a fast and easy way to communicate with your friends through photos and videos taken with your Smartphone. Its user base is growing rapidly, and some even predict it to be the next Instagram.

Marianne Granum snapchat

I think some of the explanation for its fast growing popularity, is that it presents a more honest and real expression than most other social apps:

  • Real-time: You can only send pictures taken by the camera function within the Snapchat app, so all messages sent and received are in real-time.
  • Raw and filter-free: Snapchat doesn’t  have any built-in filters or editing functions ( other than adding colors using the simple built-in drawing functionality).


Snapchat for businesses – why not?

I believe Snapchat could be a useful tool for businesses, trying to Reach with their customers in new ways. A couple of examples:

*Imagine if there was an integration/ link between e.g. Foursquare and Snapchat, and whenever you checked-in at Starbucks (using Foursquare) you’d get a Snapchat-message from Starbucks letting you know their special offers of the day, or giving you special Snapchat deals?

*Or, H&M sending you a Snapchat showing their latest trends, their new sales items or their special offers that weekend?

Do you use Snapchat? How would you feel about getting deals and offers there (given that you first had to sign up for them of course 🙂 )?

Twitter Trends 2012

Hootsuite has put together a list of the hottest names and subjects on Twitter this year:

Marianne Granum - Twitter Trends Review 2012

How does the list compare with you Twitter activities? I’m not really a sports person, but I have to admit that I’ve tweeted my share about both the Olympics and Euro 2012 😉

If you’re curious about the Twitter trends of 2011, you can see some of the here.