Great Tools for Measuring your Twitter Influence

The true value of social media has been a hot topic for years. Is it working? Do you get anything back for all the effort you but into it?And how do you measure it? Luckily, there is also a lot of useful tools helping you discover and measure your true reach and value of your activities in social networks. Here is a few that I find useful, mostly to measure Twitter influence.


With tweetgrade you can check out your own (or anyone else’s) Twitter score, graded from 1 to 100 based on number of followers, updates, engagement and so on.

It also tells you when you created your Twitter account down to the minute, and who else started out on the same day.


Twanalyst offers you a detailed review (a Twanalysis) of your Twitter activities. The content of your tweets, tweets per day, number of retweets and more.

It also gives you a description of your Twitter personality and offers tips on how to improve your presence on Twitter.


Tweetstats creates neat graphs for several aspects of your “Twitter behaviour”, such as activity based on time of day, weekday and so on.

See more graphs and stats from TweetStats in my previous blog post about it.


Klout probably offers the most comprehensive measurement of your influence and reach across several social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more).

Klout provides you with a score and a title. The score increases or decreases based on your activity and influence day by day, and based on your score you are given a title that describes your role in social networks. Klout also let’s you see how you are influencing and who is influencing you.

Klout lets you compare your score and role to others in your network:

In addition, Klout gives you a detailed overview over your network, offers badges and special bargains based on your score. It also lets you to give K+ points to people that have influenced you on a special topic. Give it a go at:



Knowledge is king: by knowing when and how you tweet, you also learn about how to improve your Twitter activities. TweetStats offers a quick and easy tool for analyzing your own or others use of Twitter. By simply typing in the username you can get all sort of stats generated.

The timeline shows that my tweeting was of to a slow start in 2008, and that it has been a bumpy road  – with highs and lows – from there on. It also shows that I’ve been an active tweeter the last months:

The stats also shows I’m mainly a “FridayTweeter”, probably because I tweet a lot of #TGIF and #FF!

The stats also shows that I mainly tweet from my phone. Instagram is also highly popular:

This is only a few of the stats available. Have a go at: TweetStats