Instagram: Videos are here!

For all videofans, Instagram just got a whole lot better: Instagram with video support is here!:-)

Social video apps is a big hit at the moment, Vine, Snyppit, Snapchat and so on has made it easy to make and share short videos with your friends and network. Instagram is now entering the race by adding a video capturing feature as well.

Instagram Video: Top features:
– Up to 15 second vidoes
– Filters (yay!)
– Pick your favorite scene and set it as cover image

Many is saying this is the end of Vine – and even though I really like Vine – I think they might be right. Building a strong community and a steady app takes time and I don’t think Vine is there yet – and now they might never be? I think close to all my Vine connections are also on Instagram, what will make them keep using Vine? Instagram already has the community, all your friends and your network of photo-loving connections are already on board, the app is steady (bugs and crashes are close to non) and you have more options.

On a more positive note, I think the competition is good, it pushes progress and better solutions for the end-user. Vine (and other video app start-ups) might get the push they need to creat an even better product?

Read all about the video launch on the Instagram Blog

What do you think of videos on Instagram? Noisy or cool? Will you be making videos or statying with still-photos?


Social Media Spring Cleaning

Marianne Granum - Social Media Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, representing renewal and a fresh start – why not use this time of year to clean up your digital presence too?

Here are my 3-steps to a Social Media Spring Cleaning:

Review your strategy – what is working and what is not?
You can treat your social media activities like you treat your closet. Just like reviewing your closet from time to time and changing, adding or taking out cloths from the closet, you should from time to time also review your social media activities and campaigns, your goals, strategies and results. What worked out and what did not? What should be changed and what should you still be doing?

Explore new networks
Are there any new networks generating a lot of buzz now, or a network that is still under the radar that you happen to know about? Look into how these can benefit your personal or professional brand. My new favourites are Vine and Snapchat, which both present a lot of new opportunities and exciting use cases for your company and /or personal brand.

Update bio and “About me/ us”
Did you get a new job or more responsibilities, learned a new skill? Got a new cool hobby you want to share? Did your brand get a new feature, a new product or a new partner? A lot happens in a year, make sure others know about it. Remember to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date too.

Your turn – what did I miss? What are your best tips for cleaning up your social media presence?

Vine Videos for Twitter – Make a Scene

Vine is a video-making app for iPhone and iPad app. It was recently acquired by Twitter and allows you to share videos right in your Twitter feed – no links to click, no need to leave your feed – Pretty great, huh? There is a catch though, just like Twitter, Vine wants to keep it brief, the videos can only be 6 seconds or less!

This obviously cause some challenges – how can you get your message through in 6 seconds? Is there really any use of a 6 second video? Sure there is, I think Vine can be used in multiple ways, for creating and sharing content such as:

* Create short tutorials
* Trailer / teasers of longer videos
* Present sneak-peaks of products
* Show behind-the-scene footage before or during an event
* Showcase highlights from a fashion show, trade show or conference
* Shoot short updates from your workplace
* Make a short-film
* Create an animations
* Show off your cooking skills and share your favorite receips

Have you tried Vine? What do you use it for?