Blogging: How to create good content faster

Blogging takes time, and given that both the readers and the search engines favor blogs with frequent updates, blogging more effectively certainly has its advantage. Here are my advises on how to create more content for your blog without using more time blogging:

– Write what you know
Reasearch takes time, sometimes it’s better to write about a topic you know a lot about instead of spending hours researching it. For instants, I’ve made some travel posts, but instead of looking into everything you can do in Milan or in the South of France, I’ve written about what I did there, my recommendations and my take on it.

– Do series
If you decide to research a topic, make a series of blog posts. This way you get more value from the time spent researching, and if you do it right, you can also become a significant voice on that topic.

– Use pictures, videos, illustrations and infographic
For bloggers, there is definitely some truth in the saying “a picture says more than a thousand words”. Sometimes you can create a whole blog post by just adding a infographic, or sharing your favorite Instagram photos or YouTube videos of the week.

– Make use of the time you on Pinterest
At times I spend hours on Pinterest, sometimes just looking at one pretty pin after an other, other times I’m looking for pins on in a special theme / topic. Sometimes this makes the foundation for a blog post, I’ve written about my vacation plans and Pinterest several times. Maybe you write a food blog, and spend time pinning good looking dishes and tasty recepeis, or write about traveling and find inspiration for your next journey on Pinterest?

– Make time of the time you spend online.
Same logic as above. Maybe you write a blog about gadgets and technology, and spend a lot of time reading about the subject online? Make a blog post about the general notion you pick up, the trends you see coming, the news that catch your eye.

– It is ok to press the reblog-button.
As a blogger, you should spend time creating your own content and finding your own voice. But there is nothing wrong in sharing posts written by others from time to time. See a blog post you like, that is spot on for the topics you blog about? If you don’t have any alternations or additional information to bring to the topic, press reblog. You give the blogger credit and your readers good content without the effort of writing your own post.

– Copy with pride
Get inspiration from others, what is your favorite bloggers doing and how can you adopt this? Don’t copy the content, but the style. If someone blogs about their top 10 Pinterest or Etsy findings, you can make a post about yours. I found the inspiration for this post, after reading 19 ideas for spending less time blogging .

What is your best blogging advice, where do you get your inspiration and what do you mostly blog about?


Happy Valentines Day!

Love it or hate it, Valentines Day is here. I dare to say that no matter what, a Valentines Day card is always appreciated. Especially when it is done with a twist, like the collection of cards Mashable has gathered for the occasion: Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Special Tech Geek . Here are my favorites:

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it!

A perfect love declaration for your YouTube-addicted better half.

Be my Tweetheart!

A 8mm Time Travel

I usually prefer pictures over video – you have more control over the outcome, it’s easier to edit (for me anyways) and the there are a lot of good camera apps to choose from (so good in fact, that these days I hardly ever use my regular camera). But sometimes a video is better suited for capturing a situation and saving a memory. I prefer to use the 8mm video making app to shot my videos, since it gives them a hint of nostalgia and creates a notion of capturing a travel in time. 8mm comes specked with lots of old school filters (such as 1920 , 50s , 60s 70s and film noir) and you can even add the sound of the film wheel or make the picture “jump” on the film roll for an even more authentic style. Once the movie is made, you are two-touches away from posting it on YouTube – a great mix of “old” and new!